Gyms in Disney World

Let me start by saying that this is the FIRST week’s vacation I have taken in the past 12 years. I’m a workaholic tech guy who has always been at small schools, so leaving for any length of time means NO tech support should anything go wrong.

But I’m making up for that 2/20-27, by going to Orlando where my wife and I intend to see anything we want, at our pace. I expect to spend plenty of my time lounging by the pool at Port Orleans-Riverside. Also, I’ve got a “guy on the inside” who got me 40% off on the week’s stay, and discounts on the park tickets.

I just missed getting a room at Coronado Speings (it filled up overnight!), the only moderate-priced resort with a gym in it. So I’ve got to figure out where I’m going for workouts each morning. I won’t have a car, and I’m NOT leaving “The World” for the week, so it has to be at one of the other resorts.

Does anyone here have experience at DisneyWorld with which resorts have the best fitness arrays? I’m looking mostly for free weights, but I’ll take padded machines if that’s all they’ve got to offer. God forbid that I’ll only find treadmills (like those are needed in a place where the guests routinely walk miles every day?).

Any experience I can tap into?

Dude, take a week off. You’re going to Disney World.

I had some great workouts in Disney World about two years ago. Keep this in mind:

Your NEPA is going to be out of this world. You’ll walk miles and miles and miles and miles. You’re going to burn a lot of calories, and most people would have a tough time gaining fat, even if their diets were a little crazy. So, no need to do any specific cardio!

What I suggest is to hit the iron hard before you go, maybe over-reach a little so you’ll need the break the following week. Then, at Disney World, do some bodyweight stuff, not training to failure. I found a little playground area where I stayed and did push-ups, pull-ups, BW jump squats, stretched a lot, etc. I also took along two bands and one gripper, and played around with those.

I packed a tub of protein and some oatmeal too. Lowered the cost of Disney food and helped me keep the nutrition up. I had one oatmeal shake for breakfast and one plain protein shake as my last meal of the day. Usually enjoyed a big buffet halfway through the day.

Anyway, it was a nice break, my body needed the active recovery, and I was rejuvenated for the iron when I came back. So that’s what I’d suggest for you. Grope Cinderella for me.

[quote]Rockscar wrote:
Dude, take a week off. You’re going to Disney World.[/quote]


you haven’t had a vacation in 12 years, and you want to f*ck it off by lifting when in disney land?

dude, as Shugart says, you will get plenty of walking in plus [quote]hit the iron hard before you go, maybe over-reach a little so you’ll need the break the following week[/quote] is great advice!

spend time with your family!

I worked out at the Coronado Springs gym while in Disney World. Pretty decent as far as hotel gyms go. I worked out at 6:00AM, so it didn’t take away from the kids. If you are staying at another Disney hotel, you can probably take a shuttle to one of the parks and then to Coronado Springs. Unfortunately, the shuttles don’t run resort to resort.

Good luck.

[quote]Rockscar wrote:
Dude, take a week off. You’re going to Disney World.[/quote]

Damn right…I went to Disney last month. Took a week off from the gym and still did plenty of walking. The over priced food keeps you from eating too much. $7 for a beer and $9 for f*cking nachos?!

Have fun…

I really enjoy going there, I actually own timeshare at a Disney Resort, you are going to have a blast. Don’t worry about working out. I never workout when I am there. You will be doing plenty of walking. The worst thing about Disney is the world’s fattest people gather there. I always see 12 year old fat kids in those motorized scooters. When they get to the ice cream stand or the front of the line they hop right up. It is terrible.

Taking a week off from work and the regular routine doesn’t mean giving up things you enjoy.

I’m going with Shugart’s advice, however, to “maken virtu of necessitee.” Thanks, Chris.