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Gyms in Dedham, Mass


OK Massers-

What's up with Dedham??? I'm turning up NOTHING that looks promising in/near Dedham.

You can spit to Boston from Dedham.

There's gotta be a cool gym around there somewhere.




I did PT for my shoulder there, they have a pretty nice gym.


Cool- thanks. I'll call.

I found a "Work Out World" (WOW) in W. Roxbury. They said they have free daily passes and that it was a former Golds.

You know anything about that place?


WoW is a no-frills gym. There's weights, squat racks, benches, some machines.

It's a big box gym basically. Not sure about the one in Dedham but I'm pretty sure they're all set up the same (corporate)


That works for me!


I went to one with my girlfriend (now wife) when we first started dating (her gym). I got in a decent squat w/o ... I think I chalked it up in there too and no one said anything so...


WOW in West Roxbury, Planet Fatness in Dedham, Dedham Health, the YMCA is in West Roxbury, WOW in Norwood. Gold's Gym Stoughton.


It's alright I use it on occasion, I have a membership there and GOld's in Stoughton the owner of the WOW is a douchebag but he's never around.


There's an Olympic Weightlifting gym in Norwood, but that's the only good gym I know of in the area.

1080 Pleasant st., Norwood, MA


Turns out, WoW is run by douchebags. Fuck those little douchebags. Pissed me off as soon as I walked in the door.

I went to W.Roxbury YMCA. Not a whole lot in there, but enough I can get some good workouts in this week-- for free.

Thanks for all the leads-- VERY much appreciated (as always). You guys ROCK.


Assuming I don't have strep, what days work for you?

EDIT: Unless this place really really sucks. :wink:


Do tell. I gotta hear this.


It's OK. They have db's up to 100, a couple benches and some machines. Nothing heavy this week, but better than the hotel, especially for free (because I belong to a "Y" back home and they have reciprocity).

I go to WoW, and they want $10 a day. I say that's kind of steep, do they have a weekly rate? No. What's it cost per month? $10. OH! I just get a monthly, then (duh). Well, you gotta sign up for the whole year....

I say, usually places let me just come in for the week, or charge $5 per day. I tell them I travel all over and rarely is it ever more than 20-30 for the week. No go. They say it's $10 or nothing.

I say, do you know why you have daily rates in the first place? They have no idea what I'm talking about. It's so locals don't just buy guest prices instead of memberships. Usually out-of-staters get cut a deal. Many gyms have told me this.

These are late teens early 20's guy/girl. They're like deer in the headlight and give me the Spinal Tap "But we charge 10 dollars and it gets busy in here". I say, "Cool story, bro.. thanks". Out. Drive another mile or so to "Y" and I'm in for free.

Fuck it. At some point it's not about the money, it's the principle of the thing. In some respect, it is about the money. I travel a lot and the gym fees add up. Hell, I belong to 3 at home.

I was in Knoxville last week and they wanted $15 per day. I managed to convince them to give me the $5 "guest trainer" rate. The staff balked but the manager was like "Yeah, no problem! Thanks for choosing us". I can deal with that.


That they are! I went to World/WOW for over 8 yrs and when I signed my daughter up, I took her there two times and guys old enough to be my father where swooping in. I canceled my membership and because I didn't send a certified letter, a 'collection agency' is calling for my 15 yr old daughter! Jackoffs.


Beans, that Gold's we go to is much better.