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Gyms In DC Area


Does anyone know of some good powerlifting/oly lifting, strongman gyms in arlington, or the bethesda area. just wondering what you guys have come up with, i know of quite a few gyms in the area, but most are gold's, bally's and a few other shall i say non hardcore gyms.


Bro, only up near Baltimore Dunbarton I think it is, is there even a glimpse of a real gym...if you find anything let me know, Ive looked around and found nothing, thank God I coach...I cant stand the gyms around here, and over break was forced to train at Golds due to renovations in our gym...if i get a house, a backyard gym might be the only way to go in DC, this area is full of candy a## liberal softies...

There is only one gym on a website I saw that came up in DC, where some guy does do sandbag, and HIT type Hammer training...looked interesting, Naturalstrength.com or something, might be worth checking into...


ya ive seen that site, but thats for personal training, which i'm not interested in.
a good gym = another one of the many things this area is lacking


What's the matter? Crossfit DC's not hard core enough for you?

This is Russ by the way.


hey russ, hahaha, it's actually quite a pain for me to get down there, i was just seeing if there was a place that might be more covenient, see you in a couple weeks.


where is Crossfit DC? and the kicker, how much does it cost to train? especially if you could only come once a week if that due to scheduling? Just to mix up the training a bit....

Gags, if I get a house soon (trying to buy with sister), Im going to see if I can get an old rack/platform from GU...if my sister doesnt kill me Ill put it in the backyard and we can get after it while BBQing some red meat on the spot haha


Crossfitdc - this says where it is

Right now we're meeting every Sunday at 10 AM, with plans to expand from there to a Tuesday workout. We've only been going for a few months so everything is just in a developing stage, but the gym we're using has an olympic weightlifting set, a rower, a rope to climb, and we bring our gymnastics rings and kettlebells sometimes. Come on down!


Yea I found the website last night after posting (should have googled before asking you!).

Is there some sort of membership cost? Or is it a pay by workout basis? Im a poor (literally) cop barely getting by, and about to make a huge house purchase with a sister of mine to be even more broke ha...and I train for free at G-town since I coach there...but Id love the chance to get more conditioning type workouts in from time to time, have some SWAT competitons coming up this year and also re-quals with all the running stuff. I also saw that you did Muay Thai etc? You teaching that stuff there?



BCJ, I just sent you a PM.


bro, that would be awesome, ive still got a keg, can easily grab some more, and a couple kbells


cool, Ill be moving in March...maybe we can round up some t-cell events in a park in North Arlington where I live. If I get a platform it will be sweet. If not I have Xvest, med balls, and probably some DBs we can use for working up a sweat, and also a thai kicking shield, focus mits, and gloves. Id love to play with kegs and kettleballs as I havent done much of that stuff before.


Gags- Thanks for gettin me the job...I love it and it gives me even more reason to work at getting bigger/stronger...

The offer to train at my gym still stands. I mean, it's not exactly hard core, but if you want to come and workout sometime I'm sure we could make it work.

Also, Phil gave me about 200lbs worth of weights and a keg and my brother built a sweet box. I've also got a sledge and a sandbag so we could definitly do some decent T-Cells.



hey DD, ya, no prob we'll talk about that later(job), ohh when are you working again?

ya we're def gonna have to get together for somet-cells, i think between what phil donated and what the rest of us have, we can get some good stuff going. i would actually like to do some stuff maybe sundays, a lil later in the day then the t-cell usually meets(should work well if you're working sat nights).

lemme know if you're interested.


I'm interested.


I haven't really been here long, but I haven't found a gym outside of the school I'm at. They have a brand new gym with a D-Bag of a strength coach who thinks he's grand master of the universe. Thank god he's training his athletes the right way. If anyone finds something let me know!! I can only watch these guys do all bicep routines on O-lifting platforms for so long.


i would love to find a decent gym in the arlington or cap hill area. right now i am working golds in rosslyn which isnt awful but could certainly use some editions. Let me know if anyone gets this going as I would certainly be interested


I should say, the golds gym in rosslyn, while not super actually has a fair assortment of kettle bells, 2 power racks, a bunch of solid benches, bent bar and if you dont go right at 5:30 its actually pretty quite. I have never had to weight for equipment. Its also not new so it has more of a hardcore feel than any of the other big time gyms i have been to in the area like the toher golds or WSC etc


Fitness First in Tysons Corner has a bunch of good equipment.

They have, a reverse hyper machine, DB's up to 150lbs, a few 3 inch fat bars, a texas power bar, a trap bar, safety squat bar, and a few other cool toys.


Fitness first is decent. but let me put in a plug for olympus gym in seven corners, where i train. probably one of the better all around gyms inside the beltway. almost every piece of equipment you need. GHR, rev. hyper, bumper plates, power rack, 3 half racks. dumbells up to 140. allows chalk. most of the people who work there are competitive amateur bodybuilders and one guy is an a comptetitive olympic weightlifter. nice mix of powerlifters/bodybuilders and the casual fitness crowd. not over the top hardcore yet not to corporate either. I train at 3 different gyms in the area, and this is by far the place i feel most comfortable at. come check it out.


I hear olympus gym is great, but a pain to get to. I didn't know that have bumber plates.