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Gyms in Colorado Springs, CO

Mr. Frederic gave me this idea. I’m trying to find a powerlifting gym in Colorado Springs, CO. I’ve been at 24hr Fitness, which we all know isn’t about powerlifting, chains, bands, loud music, chalk, screaming and yelling, foul language, and intimidation. If you know of one in Colorado Springs, please let me know. I need a better gym to train in when I come home on vacation. Thanks fellas, and gals.


There’s a Golds Gym in Co Springs. I’m about to be at the same point you are. 24hr took out the squat rack and put in another one of those fuckin hip abductor machines.

i used to live in colorado springs about 4-5 years ago, all the world gyms except the downtown one had good facilities for heavy lifting. Of course things may have changed since i left, good luck finding a good one though.

Flex gym, cheap and a shit load of equipment quiet at nights too. Thick bar, farmers walks, strongman shit, power racks, heavy DB’s, shit load of machines, olympic platforms, Some powerlifters train there and some strongmen, plus they have an olympic lifting team, I know a bodybuilder or two also train there. As for bands and chains they dont give a shit what you do so you could bring your own stuff, Ive seen a powerlifter there do exactly that. They also have a jack for deadlifts something other gyms may not.


Where is this ‘Flex’ gym located? It sounds like a powerlifters heaven.

6054 Hollow Tree Ct, Colorado Springs, CO 80918-1436
Dont know about heaven, but closest thing to it in Colorado Springs.