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Gyms in Chiliwack, B.C.

I’m heading to Chiliwack this weekend for Easter and am looking for a place to throw some weights around. Anyone have any advice on a decent place?

Ever since she left me
I sure feel all alone
A little misunderstanding
I can’t get her on the telephone
Hanging out down on Main Street
Living in a different world
Standing around with the gang on the corner
Talking about my girl

My girl - She was the world to me
She’s gone - Away across the street
My girl - Is just a memory
She’s been so long away

She didn’t have to leave me
She didn’t have to run
She didn’t have to go without a word to anyone
I hope she’s doing alright
I got no way to know
Unless she gets to hear this song
Hear it on the radio

My girl - She was the world to me
She’s gone - And that’s a tragedy
My girl - Is just a memory
She’s been so long away


I hope she gets the message
Got to ger back, you know
Gonna track her down, I’ll find that girl
Gonna tell her that I love her so
Put the word on the grapevine
Spread it all around the world
Sooner or later i know i’m gonna get her
I’m talking about my girl
My girl

My girl (x12)

I LOVE CHILIWACK!!!..oh, THAT Chiliwack.


“If, after I depart this vale, you ever remember me and have thought to please my ghost, forgive some sinner and wink your eye at some homely girl”

~ H. L. Mencken

Cupcake, you mongel you. Serenading l’il ol’ CGB. You sure know how to win over a T-man’s heart.

On a bad day you’d easily find me madly spooning you for at least an hour.

Gone gone gone she been gone so long she been gone gone gone so long…

And on a “Good” day???

Don’t know if I’m flattered or just really scared…

Have a good trip Pal!

“The women who inspired this play deserved to be smacked across the head with a meat ax and that, I flatter myself, is exactly what I smacked them with”

~ Clare Boothe Luce

Chiliwack… coolest name ever.

I’ve already committed to naming my first son Buckminster Ichabod, but I think I’ll name my second son Chiliwack Turdburgler.

“Damnit, Buckminster! Chiliwack’s escaped again. You forgot to lock his leg iron again, didn’t you? No dinner for a week!”

Cupcake my friend, on a good day you would probably find me taking my meds and keeping my urges well under control.

Bump on this. Anyone have any ideas?