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Gyms in Chicago


I was wondering if anyone knew of/had any hardcore gyms in Chicago, specifically in the city. I am training for both powerlifting and strongman. I saw the thread on SE Houston and was wondering if there might be something like that near me.


Don't know about strongman. But for PL, there's a couple "meccas" of PLing in Chi-town: Quads in Calumet City and Frantz's way out in Aurora. There's also some other places around there. Try posting over at chicagopowerlifting. They coule probably give you more on the When's and Where's.


Thanks for your response. I have posted at chicagopl'ing.com and they have a great list of gyms, but I am really looking for one of those hidden garage gyms with a group of guys who are training hardcore. Quads and Frantz are great, unfortunately I am in the city and the Quads here is about 25 mins from where I live.


What neighborhood are you in?


Bucktown/Wicker Park


Do you not have a car or something? 25 minutes is not a long drive, especially for someone as "hardcore" as you.


That wasn't my point, I was trying to differentiate what I was looking for in a gym. Plus, for those of us that have a full-time job, another hour out of your day for commute sucks. Enjoy school....


Chicago Fitness Center on N. Lincoln is probably your best bet for a regular gym in the area. That's where I go when visiting friends in the area. (I am a Chitown native.) It has gotten a little more glamorous over the years, but still has an edge.

Otherwise, if you haven't already, post over at www.elitefts.com. (Tate's site) This is probably your best chance of finding something.


Found this on the internet. North of Lincoln Park, Ridge and Clark Street. 5920 North Ridge Ave.



Quads has 2 locations

3727 North Broadway
Chicago, Illinois 60613

and the one in Calumet.

B&D looked good too.