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gyms in chicago

i like to lift. i need a place to lift while on a field trip in chicago. We’re staying at the Cass Hotel, 640 North Wabash. Does anybody know of any places to lift within walking distance. thanks

The best one I know of is Crunch Fitness. They’re located at 350 North State Street which is only a 5-10 minute walk from your hotel. Check out www.crunch.com for other info and their phone #. The daily pass is a little pricey (~$25) but the amount of equipment (free weights and machines) is better than most of the so-called clubs in downtown Chicago. You may also want to check out Gorilla Sports. They’re located on 38 East Grand (www.gorillasports.com). This one is a little bit closer than Crunch but I’ve never been there so I can’t vouch for the facility.

hey, thanks for that info, I checked out Gorilla Sports, and its a lot closer. plus you can get a 3 day free pass online. perfect! thanks again.

Next time, pick the Fairmont (right down the street from the Navy Pier, next to Grant Park). I stay there when in town for business for one reason - the LakeShore Athletic Club - awesome, 5 stories (or 6, can’t remember), nice equipment, 100ft rock climbing if your feeling frisky, and connected to the Hotel.

The best commercial gym in Chicago is “Quads” up in Wrigglyville. Owned by Ed Cohn. It even has a reverse hyper machine!