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Gyms In Burlington, VT?


Anyone? Anyone?


No vermonters here?


I went to uvm, and went to the uvm gym, it was nice and always had great views!


There doesn't seem to be much there, but there is a Planet Fitness. I really wanted to go deadlift there, just to see if they would kick me out. And they do have pizza. And tootsie rolls.
Or you could make the 1 hour drive up to Montreal. Lots of decent BB gyms here.


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I think she was at "trivia" night tonight at the T-Bone...

DianaB-- 5.5 hour drive here is enough! :wink:


I live about 20 minutes north of Burlington. Other than Planet Fatness and the UVM gym I don't know of any in that area. There's a gym here in Milton, but it looks kinda small and I've never been to it. I lift at a plcae called Fitness Zone, which is about 40 minutes north of Burlington in a small town called St. Albans. It's got the usual wave of fat people and high school kids, but there's some serious lifters that go there too. It's also a huge MMA base (Tom Murphy from the 2nd season of The Ultimate Fighter teaches classes there, as well as a golden gloves boxing coach and some pretty cool BJJ coaches.) so there's a lot of fighters than shuffle in and out during the day.

Fitness Zone is about the only gym I've heard of in the northern part of the state where serious lifting happens. If you're looking for a place here to lift heavy without being kicked out or looked at like you're bat shit crazy, that would be my suggestion.


Ended up going to "The Edge", which looked like a YMCA type place community center. Had enough weight to get stuff done. Heavy DB's, couple racks, T-Bar, jungle gym, etc

Kind of expensive at $15/day. I kind of complained that two days was like a months membership, so they let me work out as someone's 'guest' for free, then I went the next night and paid full $15, so it ended up being $7.50 per night.