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Gyms in Boston


I'm moving to Boston in a week. I want a T-Nation gym...not some BSC/Curves bullshit. Any of those in the city? I heard about one in Govt Center, but Google Maps is showing me shit.



Right outside Boston. I personally have not gone but everyone raves about it. Not too sure about gyms in the city.


You go to Ulowell?

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yeah TPS is good for powerlifting.

where exactly in boston are you moving because no one actually lives in "boston"


Yes, plenty do...including me. I'm living in the West End, just north of MGH/Beacon Hill. I don't have a car either so headed out to Rt 99 is next to impossible because there's no transit that takes you there. So yeah, when I say no BS gyms in Boston, I literally mean Boston proper.


ummmm TPS is like a 15 minute walk from Wellington Station.

thats the closet thing you will find.


I miss Bean Town...


I train at the Beacon Hill Athletic club at North Station. If you want to train together, PM me.

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Any update on this? I am moving into Boston as well and looking for a gym that lacks colors and spinning classes


I actually do live in boston, a little confused by LFTs post. There are no "non chain gyms" in boston except for Personalized Fitness in Hyde Park, which is on the other side of the city for you. There's a lot of Boston sports clubs, ymcas, golds gyms, and planet fitnesses, which all suck. Its too bad you don't live on the west roxbury side because Needham has a fucking sick golds gym about 3 miles outside the city. Personalized fitness is a good place though, they have a website if you want to check it out.


Ya don't say...

I'm down there an awful lot.


To be honest, I do not understand why there is not a single gym in Boston proper with just a squat rack and 100lb dumbells, that is literally all I need. Anyone have some free space? We could start a Co-op and form a little gym.


Personalized fitness has DBs up to 120s, a hammer strength power rack, a cage, 1-2 standard squat racks, plate loaded HS machines etc. Its the best gym in boston, not that thats saying much. Its $25 a month too which is a good price. Its in Hyde Park.


Yeah I've been going there for way too long and graduating in the spring. Weird never saw this the first time around.


TPS looks fantastic, just a bit too far for me as I am looking for metropolitan Boston, no car.


tps is the best thing you'll find if powerlifting / strongman is your thing. it's a bit out of the way if you don't have a car, but you can get there by train/bus combo.

i train at the bsc in central sq and it's the best commercial gym i've been to here. we even have a trainer that powerlifts. yay.


You really think the Needham Gold's is that sick? They certainly were generous in the past helping out the Needham High football team with memberships. Didn't know it was considered that sick.


I have never seen a gym with that range of machines (cable, plate loaded, pin stack). Its obviously not a hardcore powerlifting gym, but for a commercial gym it is sick, and i've been to golds gyms in natick, westie, southie, somerville, fenway, foxboro, stoughton, ashland, and millis. And it is better than all those by far (except maybe natick, which has the same owner). It has a plate-loaded high pull, a plate-loaded grip machine, and a plate-loaded dip machine. It has the best line of Hammer Strength back machines (the t-bar row is the best version i have ever used), it has a pre-welded set of EZ curl and straight bars, and it has boxing equipment.


Good to know. Didn't know it was that impressive. Might have to look into it again. Thanks for the heads up Cronus.


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