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Gyms in Bloomington, MN?


I just accepted a new job and I'll be moving to Bloomington, MN in a couple of weeks.

What gym would you suggest that I check out for a membership?


Best bet would be Lifetime Fitness. It's located one block east of the intersection of Highway 100 and West 84th Street, one block south of Highway 494. Address is 5250 West 84th Street.

We do have our share of 24-hour fitness type buffoons, but there are several serious lifters as well, so you'll get your variety.

Three bench and two curl stations, one deadlift station, plus assorted free-standing benches, chairs, etc.


I would suggest "The Gym." It is located in Plymouth, which is about 15 minutes from Bloomington. This place is made with the serious lifter in mind.

Endless bench stations, two of them competition benches.

One power rack, and 3 other squat racks.

Two Lifting Platforms, with hydrolic squat stands.

Much better then any corporate run chain gym!



I didn't realize there was one in Plymouth -- last one I saw was in Champlin years ago. What are the hours and monthly fee?


Does Doug Moore, Mr MN and world class powerlifter, own this one? I worked with him at a Bally's alomost 20 years ago. He is one seriously strong dude and pretty damn cool too. I remember him squatting 400 Raw for 10 easy reps 1 or 2 days after having hernia surgery, what a freaking animal. He won the Mr Mn in June or July one year and about 2 weeks later competed and won? the 220 pound class in thw world powerlifting championships

I remember him saying, " See, you can be strong and pretty at the same time."


I would also recommend The Gym in Plymouth. I visited The Gym on my last trip to MN and was very impressed with the equipment and atmosphere - plus it's a fairly quick drive from Bloomington to Plymouth.


I'll back the The Gym as well. I've been lifting there for several years and they're completely cool with me dragging my my strongman implements in. They're also running a nice promo 4.25$ a week for 18 mos, if memory serves. Pm me if you want more info.


Ill also back "The Gym"

The Plymouth Gym is a great place to train, and also there are other locations in fridley and Elk River.

I worked at the Elk River location all throughout high school, and down in the Fridley gym for a while during college.

Theyre cool with powerlifting stuff, chalk, etc... even late night metal if you're lucky :slightly_smiling: