Gyms in Biloxi, MS?

I am going to Biloxi in a week. I will be there for at least a couple of months for work and was wondering if anyone knew of any good gyms. Thanks

World Gym is open. I sent you a pm with the number.

World Gym is open in Biloxi,that’s more than I can say about World’s in Mobile Al. On Jan 15&16 a sign on the door said closed for MLK day. On Jan 17 a sign on the door said closed forever.
The jerks were still renewing memberships up until the Jan 14.
I was lucky my contract ran out at the end of Jan. Planet Fitness moved in to the gym the same week and would not honor the contracts.
This was the worst run gym I had ever seen and I’ve have belonged to at least one gym from 1977 until now.(end of rant)