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Gyms in: Athens, GA and Newark, Del?


Travelling to these towns very soon (putting together schedule now).

Any leads on gyms? Hammer Strength on site is a plus!



How long will you be staying in Athens?


Yeah, how long will you be in Athens? The main gyms seem to be Ramsey (the UGA gym), BodyPlex, and the Omni. I go to Ramsey and they'll probably be flexible with a guest pass for a while.

If you're only going to be here for a day or two, I can try and sneak you in or something. People at Ramsey are real friendly. There's an olympic lift/deadlift platform, dumbells up to 150, and I'm sure there are some HS machines (I can check on Sunday...

I mainly stick to the free weights so I'm not sure). My old roommate works at the Omni so maybe he can work something out with a temporary pass. Just let me know or PM me or something.


Hey thanks!!!

Both for 3 days (4th day is airplanes). I'd be happy if I can get at least 2 days at the gym. I think I'm in GA the first week of December.


I agree, Ramsey is most likely your best bet. Just ask some college student to let you use their guest pass. Ive done it for random people before. It will cost you 7 dollars.


Oh man, I didn't know they had guest passes for that cheap. Nice. If that doesn't work out for some reason, let us know.


I called BodyPlex-- they didn't seem to know much about anything....

Looks like Omni or Ramsey... Probably whichever is closer to the hotel :wink:

Thanks for the info..


So, Athens is a pretty cool city, at least what I can gather after 2 days. I'm right downtown, so in the middle of it all.

I ended up going to Bodyplex anyway. Not too bad and sufficient for a couple days-- heavy dumbbells, a couple racks, and a few HS machines-- plus lots of college chicks :wink:


So I packed for nothing? Thanks a lot. That really hurt:(


The Omni is the mecca of hot sorority girls. Not to mention every HS machine ever made....

If you decide to go out drinking, you should stop by Boars Head. I spent five years of my life in that basement...


Haha, yeah Athens is hot bitch central.


Anybody remember the gym that was down behind the stadium past the tracks? They had a pool at one point, but it was sold and converted into a bar/club.



I reserved a bench for ya!


Ha! You're killing me, here. Sooooo close to Woodstock and Roswell that I miss so much.

Sounds like you're having a great time. I saw how you managed to sneak college chicks in there. lol Glad you like the gym.


O'Malleys? I worked out there while in law school.


O'Malleys' YES!!!! Thanks for remembering. I used to go there in the early am. I loved that place.