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Gyms In And Around Concord, NC

Hey long time lurker wondering if anyone knows a any good gyms in or around concord,nc. I’m getting tired of the lame health clubs and Y’s.

I’m curious about this myself. I may be moving to this area soon…

Check this one out in Raleigh:


I think we have the only bumper plates and platforms in the area, as well as chains, bands, eccentric hooks, fat grips, you name it.

There are a lot of Peak fitness gyms around the area. I currently go to one in Cornelius, NC, about 20 mins from Concord. And its extremly good as far as 24 hour gyms go, very large and well stocked. Also its only $15 a month if your a student, or at least it is at mine. Right off of I-77 exit 28.