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Gyms for Training in Brisbane, Australia

Moved to Brisbane recently and would like to find a serious gym. Here are some things I would like to see in a gym:

  1. open 7 days a week (open all the time would be ideal but I don’t think I’ll find anything like that)
  2. located within Zones 2 or 3 of Brisbane
  3. minimal nuisance startup fees
  4. option to pay month to month
  5. has serious equipment, e.g., cable towers, Olympic bars with sleeves that rotate (I checked out 2 Fitness First gyms and their O-bar sleeves are stuck)
  6. Near a train station

Feel free to PM me with any suggestions.

While Im browsing through the forums…

I live in florida, looking for a gym within a mile of my house, would like a reverse hyper, glute ham raise, monolift, power rack, competition bench, bands, chains, and every different kind of bar there is with dumbells up to 250lbs.

Also, if there could be a team of world class powerlifters who lift there.

And I would like to have a helicopter near by to fly me the mile to my gym.


seriously tho, go out in your car and look around for gyms.

Check powerliftingwatch for gyms in your area, ask around.

Check out University of Queensland’s gym facilities. There’s also the powerlifting club for University of Queensland, but they don’t have many machines to my knowledge. Both have there own, seperate websites.