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Gyms Closed in Mexico


All Gyms and public areas closed here in mexico until May 9. This sucks big time! I guess I will have to refer to the good old Herchel Walker routine of lots of pushups and Pullups with sprints. My God! 2 weeks of atrophy. Have they started to shut down public areas in the US or anywhere else yet? Get this damn flu under control already! Help Help! All bodybuilders in Mexico are shrinking.


stop your swining :stuck_out_tongue:


I feel really fucked up right now, may 9 is my damn brithday.

Have they changed it?, I heard it was may 6.


You are correct May 6. Someone told me May 9 yesterday. Well, May 6 makes me feel a little better


chuckaboo86 - is camel toes the point of your aqvatar?


That sucks. Nothing here in the U.S. that I'm aware of as of yet but it's still spreading so something may happen in the future.


lol bro that's amazing.

I really hope that doesn't happen in the states, life sucks here with this alert.

I'm like an addict or something but if you have any ideas of what I could do at home that'd be awesome.


Noo se esta yendo ala verga Mexico eh Meymz. Sounds like its up to the US to save the day.


Do what Walter Payton did and grab a Railroad tie and run up the Hill...lol Actually, I'm just gonna do lots of pullups and pushups to maintain somewhat along with sprints to hit a few of those fast twitchers. We don't have to wait too long. Hang in there man!


No hay pedo, yo ando haciendo mi rutina con botellones de agua, y ps unas mancuernas aki.
Los mexicanos somos ingeniosos ;D seguro k encuentras algo con que entrenar.

Its ok, Im using water bottles to do some exercises.. i guess its not the same, but we have to be creative.


Si we ps a ver que pasa la neta son puras chingaderas, pinches pussies de mierda.


Yay for my home gym if they try shutting gyms down here which I highly doubt will happen.


No creo que Obama sea tan come verga como Bush. Ese puto si nos invadia y nos chingaba a PEMEX.


Otra de esas mamadas y me bajo el sierre.


Good old Australia, there are some advantages to being an island in the middle of fucking nowhere. Hopefully no dumbass brings it home with them from holidays.


A good workout could be pig wrestling.