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Gyms at Hickam AFB / Pearl Harbor


I am spending July in Hawaii - living at Pearl, working at Hickam. Just wondering about the gyms - are they good? Equipment? Hours?

Any comment greatly appreciated!

This is probably best in the war room, but I don't know how to post in there! If a mod can move it - please do!


I used to workout at the gym on Pearl, but that was a good fifteen years ago! Back around 91-92. What I remember was it’s large they had lots of equipment. Probably upgraded quite extensively since then.

Wow, brings back memories of ol Pearl Harbor.

Take care and have fun!



badmf, have tried going to hickam’s website? They might have a virtual tour of the base including the fitenss facility.


Pearl’s gym has all you need. Open til 9 I believe.


Dedicated - thanks man; hard not to have fun in Hawaii!

Polo - yeah, saw the tour; just wanted to get some ground truth. Like - are you allowed to deadlift?! You know, kind of the proxy tour.

Reshumate - cheers mate; will have to make sure I am in and out before then. Got to get out on the town by 9, I guess?


I was at Ft. Shafter in the late 90’s. I always drove to Hickam or PH to use their gyms. As I remember it PH had ALOT of Hammer Strength and Hcikam had more freeweights.