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Gyms and Cruises?


I'm going on a 10-day cruise around the Mediterranean in the middle of this month and was wondering how the gyms (if any) usually are on these things....i wouldn't expect much, probably just like a standard hotel gym with unusuably crappy equipment and <50# of DB's, but who knows?

Anybody able to keep up their training on cruises? I was thinking of just doing some bodyweight stuff for a little bit and working on my conditioning while the heavy iron is unavailable


^^I've been on two cruises in my life. The last one was two months ago.

They gym was all machines (not very good ones) and the DB set went up to 50lbs. I ended up doing a couple full body circuits. Just 'stacked' each machine (yeah they were all that weak) and went from one to the next to the next. Tried to keep my heart rate up and just make the best of it.

They did have an abs class thing going on that had lots of hot girls in it (probably all the girls who are in the shows on the boat) so it was nice to have some eye candy while I was 'lifting'... if you can even call it that.


Hotel gyms basically.

You're on a boat, not exactly the place for heavy...well...anything.

Cruises are times to pack in calories and get shitfaced.


What cruise line is it?


I'm going on the 70000tons of Metal cruise at the end of January 2011. Its only four nights so I'm just taking a diet and training break. Its a Carnival boat so I'm interested to hear the responses here.


Louis Cruises is the cruiseline and the ship is called the Cristal (niiice!)

The ship description says it has a "wellness centre" which probably means its complete ass...

I was reading a bit and some of the bigger cruise lines apparently have some pretty decent, proper gyms onboard, but I'd say those are few and far between....

Like I said before, it would do me some good to focus on conditioning for the next few weeks and like gregron suggested, just stack the machines circuit style and do what I can....


You should go on a freighter cruise - it's more manly, costs less, and the crew will let you help lift heavy crap.


The first one I went on had dumbells that went up to 80 or 90, those shorter non adjustable barbells that went up to 110 or 120 and a bunch of random machines (better than planet fitness from what I've heard). That is probably one of the better ones but decent enough to do high rep stuff, good deload week. I've never seen a hotel gym with anywhere near as much stuff so at least expect more than that.

A lot of ship employees workout so its not just for the passengers, probably the reason its better than a hotel gym. After eating all the food they have any physical activity is going to feel much harder than normal.


You're going on a cruise, tear shit up in the gym for a couple of weeks before the cruise and then actually cruise for 10 days.


^ Agree.

It's a holiday I assume, so have a holiday.


No man!!!!! Don't go! Live the V-Life 100% HaRDCORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


You could try and be creative with the machines?

45 degree leg press....or awesome new way to do incline/shoulder presses??? lol


I got physically ill when I went to the gym on my cruise, decent set up though dumbbells up to 80's and machines




Hahah yeah I heard about that. Fuckin' Obituary is playing too.


Last cruise I went on had a pull up/dip tower (pictured). Just did some of each, each day, nothing top hard, nothing to failure or anything, just keepin the blood flowing and the muscles loose.


I wish my cruise would have had one of those. I would have done my pyramid workout ever day on that thing.... Instead I worked out one time, said "screw it" and then ate at least 2 ice cream cones every day. It was so good.


Go to CruiseCritic.com, type in the cruise line and ship name to find out pretty much anything you want to know about a ship. If you don't see what you're looking for the forums are full of people who know and can answer your questions. Good luck.


yeah, it was get up, smash the breakfast buffet, dips, pullups, etc, smash lunch buffet, be lazy rest of day, smash more buffets, observe and hang out with eye candy.

So much win.


I went on two cruises. The first was before I started lifting, so I couldn't tell you about it (it was with royal carribean cruiseline though, and I had a great time). The second was with Carnival cruiseline (which is one of the cheaper ones), I didn't have nearly as good a time. The gym had dbs up to 40lbs, and a single fixed ez bar that weighed 80lbs.