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Gymnasts Are Sick!


This guy is awesome! Makes me want to learn how to do this stuff again!



This is very, very impressive.



you could do all that?


I was a national champion for my age and level the last year I competed. I could do most of what he did, but not necessarily all one after the other the way he does it. His freestyle tumbling is incredible.


Does he drink noni juice at the end?


Joe Eigo

pretty sick dude, a lot of guys give him flack for being a "second rate gymnast" but he's actually a pretty good martial artist. No way to discredit that he is skilled. If you notice there are guys in the background doing chi-sao (aka sticky hands) a form of "sparring" in Wing Chun (disclaimer:: if anyone in here is a wing chun/tsun proponent yes i know "sparring" is really dumbing down what chi sao is).

What's so cool is how he chains moves together. You'll see a LOT of guys pull off one technique and then wait for applause. Chaining them together is impressive as fuck. (Fyi backflips are a GREAT ab exercise lol)

I can do the aerials, capoeira moves, butterfly twists and front flip manuevers... Wish I could find a gymnastics school with an "adult" class :o(


One of my coaches had no gymnastics experience at all, but he had some coaching experience in other sports and had been involved with gymnastics because of his daughters, so he got the job. While he coached us, he was able to learn a lot of the moves (at around 40 years old, this is impressive in itself).

If you have some basic knowledge of gymnastics skills, you might be able to get a job as an assistant coach a few evenings per week or something and learn from the other coaches. Or maybe take a private lesson every once in a while, most places offer them.



New job too awesome! lol


Yea...but how much can he Bench? :slight_smile:


When was this? What gym did you go to?

Just wondering...I was from Massachusetts during my JO years, then competed for Michigan and finished my eligibility last year.



click on unveiled...



this guy is just a monster! Mad tricking skills AND he can squat and deadlift impressive weights!!!

Favourite clip is "thousand" on the 4th Generation Section and "Scorch" on the 3rd Generation Section.


I'm from Florida. I'm just going to school in Boston.

My last competition was AAU Nationals in 1999. I was at First City Gymnastics in my hometown.


dude. sick ass website. mass video's dl'ing now.


He reminds me of spider man.
I thougth it was cool when he flipped and kicked the ball


good one.


That guy has some amount of energy, but if I could do any of that I would do it all day as well.

Poor me and my walking handstands and some forward rolls!)

Excellent martial arts skills also. This shows what was discussed at the vegas bootcamp. The best athletes are not the strongest but they have the most amazing body control.