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hey there guys was wondering if anyone could help me out. i’d like to start training for gymnastics which starts in feb and im gonna use december and january to build up strength. ive got a great number of resources to use for my training, as well as nutrition especially from this site. my question is with regards with supplements (not protein, i think im sorted out in that department) im in South Africa and the Biotest supps are really expensive so i can really only afford 1 supp and 2 months supply of it. my goals are to strip away the excess weight (doesnt have to be extremely quick, just need to be done in around 3 months) and to gain strength (throught lots and lots of training and practise) really quickly (doesnt have to be mass, just pure strength, meaning my goals arent hypertrophy, that would be a secondary goal). is Carbolin 19 a good supp to use, for quick recovery and strength gains? also they told me (Biotest SA) that Red Bands is better than HOT-ROX Max Strength and that i sould go for that if my goals are fat loss cos it’s better and longer lasting. im a bit confused cos your site says otherwise.

anyways thanx for the help in advance and keep up the amazing work!

Gymnastics eh. Im not here to say what supps to use, rather to inform you gymnastics training is super intense and you can look forward to having a year round full-body plyo training program.

If you like plyos you’ll love it.
I sure did.

I’m an ex-gymnast. Besides a protein powder, I don’t think there’s a need for any supplements besdies a multi vitamin and maybe some fish oil or some joint related supplement. Just get a lot of sleep. I used to pass out for 10-12 hours after a hard pratice. To strip excess weight, just watch your diet for those three months. The only thing I saw other gymnasts using was aspirin for pain relief. I knew one guy who was taking steroids, but he was somewhat handicapped. He ended up wearing down all the cartilage on one of his shoulder joints and had to stop training. You probably already know about stength training for gymnastics.