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Gymnastics Training Programs?


Any coaches out there know of any resources for gymnastics specific strength and conditioning programming? This would be for me to train with my 11 year old daughter who is a gymnast.

Thanks for the help.




Damn that website must have a low Google ranking…I can’t believe that didn’t come up through all my different searches.

Thanks for the help…


I actually trained in competitive gymnastics for several years. Are there any other gymnasts on the forum?


I do Parkour and acrobatics… It’s like gymnastics. >_>


I don’t do gymnastics but I’m starting out doing bodyweight and eventually gymnastic style training for my upper body, mostly because my jaw dropped the first time I saw what a planche pushup was.

Here’s another resource you might find useful:

This guy has some easy to read tutorials on various bw skills such as planches, levers, the flag, freestanding handstand clap pushups etc