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Gymnastics Rings in Dorm Room?


Well I got some gymnastics rings over the summer and I want to be able to continue to use them in my dorm room.

The problem is there is absolutely nothing to hang them from. My only option is to suspend some sort of hooks from the ceiling to hang them on.

BUTTT, I can't seem to find a good adhesive that is strong enough to hold my weight( only 145) AND will come off without damaging the roof at the end of the year!

Soo any suggestions of how to set something up? know any good adhesives that wont destroy the roof?


you're going to really piss of your dorm mates.

don't be that guy.


Depends what exercises you're trying to do here bro-hizzle, just takes some ingenuity.

No adhesive is going to work.

Best you can do is try to find a beam in the ceiling and attach hooks. But still the force of the weight of your body will cause damage

Depending how tall your door way is you can suspend your rings from one of those portable chinup bars in a doorway somewhere.

IF you can even do that because they might make you pay for the damage to do the door frame later.

Check your university handbook.

If you can put it in the door frame you should still be able to do full on muscle up if you just tuck your knees. If you keep them close to the floor you can still do V-holds etc.

Personally for a dorm room, Parallettes are a better idea. That's what I used for V-sits, handstand pushups and planche pushups.

most traveling gymnasts have a pair they can work with incase they need to do drills in their hotel or something

Go to the Combat sports forum and check my post in the thread Pistols & handstand pushups (or something to that effect). I go into detail on how to use parallettes and link you got a guide for training with them.

They transfer highly to rings... rings are much less stable, but you're still building a high level of strength and motor unit coordination.


I may be wrong but I don't think a dorm room will work out too well for gymnastic rings.


the only way to do it is to build a sturdy wooden frame around the room and suspend your rings from that. I saw some guys who did that so that they could use a pulley system to raise and lower a couch (so they could get it out of the way).


i wish i was strong enough to do ring work, but 2 things
1) does your college not have a gymnastics team? if yes then ask if u can use the gym
2) even if you could get the rings up in your dorm how are you going to flip about and raise yourself, idk about you, but my dorm room was about 8' tall, by 8' wide, by 12' long.... for two people, oh and im 6'2 so i couldnt imagine being able to do much in a dorm room


thanks for the input everyone!

Xen I think u are right about the adhesive not going to work so I am going to take Mog's advice and build a frame out of pvc pipe.

The pvc will work better because I will be able to take it apart and store it under my bed when Im not using it. Plus I think it will be cheaper too.


I'm not sure if I'd trust PVC, especially pvc that's not glued together...


dude, rings in the dorm room are a bad call. No safe place to hang them from and you will not have much room to move around normally in a dorm room, much less perform feats of aerial strength.

my advice: find a place outside where you can hang them. Trees, monkey bars, etc. Hell, my school even has a set of rings that I didn't even know about until halfway through my first year.


Find a nice tree outside, or a basketball hoop that has a long horizontal neck. That's what I used when I was at college; the university wouldn't let me hang them on the cages in the gym.


do not trust pvc. I have annihilated 2 sets of paralettes. use steel tubing or wood. It may cost more but it will be around long after you are dead.

Hang the rings from the cages in the gym or something. no dorm room support beam will hold any one.



I do plan on using them outside(trees, in the gyms, etc..) but it would be easier and faster to have a set up I can use in my room. I often don't have a lot of spare time.

Strength wise, PVC doesn't seem like it would be a problem. My PVC paralettes have held strong for a while now. AND if I do think strength would be an issue I could put more PVC pipe within the PVC pipe and that should make it stronger.

I only have one roommate and our dorm room is pretty big with a good amount of open floor space. Thats pretty much why I chose the building a frame.

But I don't have the time or money to build it out of wood or metal. And neither of those would come apart quickly after I'm done and need to take it down.


i agree, this is the biggest cheese move I've seen on the boards in awhile, you will instantly be the biggest tool in the building.


I would drill a hole in the ceiling and use anchors. fill it up with toothpaste at the end of the year and hope it passes inspection (on the off-chance that your setup has escaped notice that long) or just pay the fine and figure that it's worth it for 9 months of use.

And screw your roommate, he's probably a jerk anyway :slight_smile:


I am sure I wouldn't.

Use the gym!


I dunno, I have some pretty stiff competition for the "Biggest Tool in the Building Award"...

But really is it such a strange desire to want be able to use the rings in the privacy(well more private than the gym at least) of my own room?

I don't particularly enjoy being stared at while working out. And being the only guy to bring rings into the gym would make me staring material...not to mention trying to explain what I'm doing and the progressions... maybe I'm just anti-social..

well anyways pal, I appreciate you trying to keep me from being "that guy" but I think the reward outweighs the risk and the work in this case. I won't have to explain myself to random curious gym people(only to people who come to the room) & I can use them whenever I have a little spare time.

and I really can't see myself breaking the PVC(especially if there is pipe within pipe) at barely 150 pounds. even if I'm doing weighted stuff...but maybe I'm in for a surprise..

I guess I'm just crazy and doomed to be "that guy".


it's not your own room if you have a dorm mate. I would probably have to suffocate you with a pillow when you're sleeping if I was your roomate. If it's anything like my sisters old dorm as far as size goes you're going to seriously piss off your dormmate.

Seriously guy, don't be a douchebag. You don't like being looked at when you're working out? boo fucking hoo. You don't have the right to take over a shared room so you can dance around on your gay little rings. If you don't have a dormmate ignore this.


I've already said my room is larger than average...I go to a small private school. So I'm not in a high rise building with 1,000 kids stuffed into closets.

And I don't mind being looked at when working out(or I wouldn't go to the gym period). What I don't like is being a spectacle(and answering a barrage of questions every 10mins) just because I'm not doing curls or bench presses.

Plus i've already emphasized that the thing will be taken down daily when I'm not using it. When set up, it will just look like a free standing pull up bar...Obviously its not going to "take over" the room.

And yes, for the second time, I have 1 roommate. How were you not sure? Did you even read the earlier posts? or did you just read one and decide to write something and be an ass.

but my roommate admires your concern for his rights..


"larger then average" for a dorm probably still isn't very big. And people are supposed to be ok with you playing with your rings while they are trying to relax or study?

Get fucking real, the world is not about you. Do it elsewhere.


I went to Penn state and the gym had a place for gymnastics and it sure as hell was Not in the dorm rooms.

on a side note playing with rings is pretty gay, why don't you just go to the gym at your school and lift there. You'll love the staredowns from the steakheads at the university gym.