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Gymnastics Rings Hypertrophy Training?

Can you train for hypertrophy using rings and if yes how would you go about it?

Any implement can be used for hypertrophy. Having been around here a while I can tell you CT doesn’t discuss rings for hypertrophy because it’s not a tool he uses personally.


I would suggest using similar methods to how you normally train for hypertrophy.

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Got quite a few ideas here…

CT actually posted some stuff years ago. So you can organize push / pull / legs or upper/lower or movement specific (cross work vs maltese vs. planche vs. levers etc.)

Straight arm do 5-10 sets of 3-10 second holds on the progressions (isometric)
Back lever
Front Lever
Cross pulls
“Strength portion”

Then do dynamic movements (versions of the above but pulls) 3-8 reps
“Heavy bodybudilign portion”

Finish off with basic dips/chins/row variations maybe with bands if you have them
“Hypertrophy portion”

You can use bands to spot your body on harder moves. Or get a pullet system attached (can do inverted cross / victorians).

Incredibly fun, tremendous pump. Enjoy the gains!

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