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Gymnastics Rings Anyone?


Anyone use gym rings? I'm looking for a decent routine for beginners and some sort of progression plan. Most of the sites I find list a handful of exercises without any sort of flow from one to the other.


maybe try hunting around crossfit sites (since they use them and probably have progressions on such things as muscle-ups). otherwise, gymnastics sites.



Thanks man. I have an irrational fear of crossfit sites, but if I must.



Building the gymnastic body will give you all the moves and progressions you could need. Dragons door has some decent stuff too.


Yeah, this was one of the few resources I found on the subject that seemed reasonably well thought out and somewhat intriguing. I am considering trying this to supplement my regular lifting/conditioning.


There isnt a lot out there on gymnastics. I bought rings about 3 months ago, and have worked out on them exclusively since. All my lifts have gone up by more than they would have had I been doing weights (no explicit comparison of course, but I have made substantial strength gains that have carried over to barbell exercises). I have also leaned out (I box competitively, so any further leaning out is noticeable and exceptional for me) and my muscles look fuller (judging by the mirror). I only wish I'd bought them sooner. I also deadlift heavy 1x a week.


Yeah I definitely found this site interesting and useful. beastskills.com also has some interesting progression programs for bodyweight exercises, though they aren't exactly ring-focused.


Right now I'm using the 5-3-1 program to get my strength to respectable levels and rings seem like a good addition to most programs. Even holding a stable position for any significant amount of time is a challenge at this point.


I actually started on Gymnasticbodies and then moved over to here. I still wouldn't mind buying the rings one of these days.


gymnasticbodies isn't the easiest site to navigate. Would you mind sharing what your workout looked like while you were training in that fashion, Ender?