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Gymnastics + Heavy lifting

Does anyone have any information on this? I’m trying to make a program that mixes heavy lift/odd objects/gymnastic movements but I can’t find anything about this. Any help is appreciated.

Um…so basically CrossFit?

I’m only half kidding. CrossFit certainly includes Olympic lifting, heavy deadlifts, and then a whole bunch of bodyweight skills like handstand pushups, muscle-ups, ring dips, handstand walks, etc.

By gymnastics I mean something more along the lines of planches and one-arm handstands. From what I’ve seen Crossfit does do heavy lifting, but I don’t like the OL movements and would rather be doing 500lb deads for reps. I’m trying to find information to make a program where I can 1) include a variety of movements (IE: One-arm chinups, planches, OAP, keg lifting, front squats ect) 2) works conditioning and 3) allows for a minimalist approach (lack of equipment)

OK. So basically…CrossFit with the movements you prefer?

I’m not being intentionally obtuse. You’re basically describing exactly what you want to do anyway (use certain movements, done with minimal equipment, works conditioning) which are all more-or-less what CrossFit does, except that you’d rather do deadlifts and front squats instead of Olympic lifts. Fine, then just do those instead. Similarly, instead of HSPU / ring dips / muscle-ups, do one-arm chinups and planches if those are what you’re after. This doesn’t have to be any more complicated than that.

ha ha ha no comment.

seriously though, this is basically the definition of fitness for me. Contracting muscles using gymnastics + heavy barbell.

People lift for pump, feeling like a beast, changing their body. I think the euphoria of moving your body through space and using stuff like gymnastics (especially on rings) will quickly fall into that category of addiction once mainstream gym rats try it .

Some guys are really good at this (combining gymnastics + heavy lifting) , like jim from beastskills, jujimufu, ross netherely (Crossfit), and obv the top cross fit guys.

CT has some great insights here, and I think he is (was at least) partially biased toward heavy lifting (o-lift background) which makes his gymnastic/bodyweight commentary even more relevant.

I’ve experimented with may formats last few years. My prefered is to start each workout with ring (gymnastic) work done in a circuit -> moving through inverted hang to front and back levers dynamically. then handstand pushup and ring l-sit planche positions.

I do it until the groove feels natural, my body is activated, and I don’t lose the “pump”. The moment I overdo the ring/gymnastic work a the beginning, my lifting portion gets screwed.

After my main barbell move I then do the less intense, more volume stufff like dips/chins/planche holds on floor.

You could also separate tehd ays, like do a gymnastic day then a heavy lift day.

CT has recommended a 3x a week whole body compound lift (3-4 main lifts) done 5x5 every other day, and then gymnastic practice in between.

This could be very productive as well, though I haven’t tried it because everytime I go to gym I want to do everything.

Lets see if you hear more perspectives…