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Gymnastics/Boxer/Running back HELP

Im currently 5’ 9" and weight 150lbs (18 years old). I need my muscle to be power/control/speed ready meaning i need it to be active fast twitch muscle fibers that work together. 4 days out of the week im gone for 3 hours at school. I want to gain to 190.

I am willing/able to work (i think i have good genes)FREAKY hard and want to achieve these results in at least a 4 year time period. Are compound movements the way to go? Should i go into a phase where i just do weight lifting and then train later… or increase my crossing training as i go? got any suggestions?

What are the best pre workout meals ratios/amounts for me? What is the earliest time i should eat? is early mornin workout out of the question for this high of intensity? how much sleep is enough? do you know of any sleep aides that won’t make me sick/crazy/addicted (safe)? Im looking to mix all of the best from gynastics/plyometrics and boxing power/speed punches and explosive strength like runningbacks/wrestlers… i need all the advice i can get (I have great genetics but have been a bit lazy over the last year or two and had always had a terrible diet and believed the weightlifting get too bulky myth) I suppose i need super recovery got anything in mind?

PS: this is for UFC style competition and I think preventing/treating injuries would be a great thing to add to your magazine. (it happens to everyone and it sucks.)

For what you want you need to shy away from the bodybuilding type routines, that is unless you want to carry a lot of non-functional muscle mass. Since I assume you do a lot of wrestling around and fighting already which works your muscles really hard you can probably get by with working each bodypart once per week. Ian King’s 12 week leg routine is excellent for your purpose. It will give you strength, size, along with explosive strength. For your upper body keep the reps low most of the time do cleans, bench presses, chin-ups, grip work, neck work, and lots of oblique and ab work. It would help even if you can work out with weird devices such as sandbags, beer kegs, etc. to develop your functional and stabilizing strength. Probably the biggest obstacle in your quest will be preventing overtraining… I can’t write you out a complete program here but just give you some guidelines…vary the focus of your training at least once per month…one month you might focus on strength, then the next month speed strength (plyometrics and olympic lifts)…then the next month size…(higher reps and more bodybuilding movements).

As far as eating you probably need to eat as much as you can whenever you can if you’re gonna get up to 200.(emphasize good quality protein) If you’re in training as much as i think you are you probably won’t have to worry too much about bodyfat accumulation. If your genetics are good then you oughta be able to get up to a pretty good size without too much trouble.
For your sleep ZMA. is great.

Great advice Kelly! I was in the same position as you Robby. I was 5’10’ and 148 all through High School. It took me a long time to figure out what would work, I did a lot of bench pressing and dumbbell curls, and thought that my diet was good because I was using Hot Stuff (I’m sure plenty of you guys out there remember that stuff). Once I got myself sorted out and started following sound advice like Kelly talks about everything fell into place. The workouts he mentions will be great. Also, I have not tried any of the particular workouts of Louie Simmons or the “Dinosaur” training guy -(What is his name?) but it looks like it would be fun and of good use.
As far as getting up to 190, it is definitely within your reach but you really have to make the effort to eat right. PLENTY of good clean foods! Some cottage cheese right before bed, something as soon as you wake up and small meals every 2 to 3 hrs. If you are concerned about your breakfast messing with an intense morning workout, I really like the breakfast that Charles Polinquin suggests - a steak, two poached eggs and a real strong cup of coffee. I have had that on a few occasions and have had fantastic workouts soon after. The ZMA is good recommendation although you wouldn’t want to take it with calcium (ie; cottage cheese) try taking it about an hour before bed and then having cottage cheese or protein drink just before bed.

You can’t over emphasise the aspect of overtraining either, you don’t want to be lazy but you have got to get your rest. Perhaps most importantly, enjoy all of these activities that is what will keep you inspired and keep you reaching new goals.

One other thing, every once in a while if I know that I won’t be able to get to sleep easily, I will take a liquid extract of Kava Kava. I find that it works great for me but I was curious if anyone else has specific experience with it.

Read Dr. Hatfield’s book “Power a Scientific Approach”. It is a GREAT primer for someone looking to increase strength, and power. For good references on plyometric exercies check out books/videos written by David Chu. Eat sensibly and try to get enough sleep and you’ll be fine.