Gymnastics and Muscle Fiber Type

My question is very simple. Which type of muscle fibers does gymnastics training target?

In particular, work on the rings.

Mostly IIb, probably type I in the forearms/grip structures a bit more as that’s more their makeup.


While type I fibers (slow twitch) are recruited with all exercises, the question is which is used beyond that, IIa or IIb.

If the athlete has a high strength to bodyweight ratio, then the nervous system will only turn-on each successive muscle fiber type as needed. I would think a huge amount of IIb’s would have to be used to hold the positions on the rings or horse. But all types are recruited when in working with high loads/accelerative movements.

I would think the parallel/uneven bars would use a mix of fibers, but mostly type IIa.

I would say most gymnastic movements tap into the type IIb’s frequently just from looking at the muscular development of the athletes, let alone the explosive movements and static positions.