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Gymnastic Rings For Home Use

Hey, I want to get a pair of rings to hang from my ceiling. Can you guys recommend a place for me to buy a pair or maybe a FAQ on how to put them up?



Get your rings here:

They are of excellent quality.

thx guys…do you know of any sites with rings IN-STOCK?

that site only has pre-order and I want to get to work.

Try torqueathletic.com Theirs are rings cut in half. Or try blast straps at elitefitnesssystems.com

I have the blast straps from elite.
While they are’nt exactly like the rings you can do almost all the same exercises with them and they are fully adjustable.

I have the old style of rings from ringtraining.com. They are good.


Ringtraining.com’s rings are awesome, but yes, you may have a wait on your hands. I’d e-mail Tyler(owner) about them or head over the powerathletesmag forums and leave a message for him because he responds and answers all the time.

When I lived in an apartment I found a park across the street that had a really tall swingset. I threw the rings over that and it was high enough off the ground to do pullups, muscle-ups, l-sits etc. and low enough to work on handstands…if I was capable of a ring handstand.

Now that I’m back in a house, I have a tall garage so I screwed in two eye-bolts, one per beam spaced 18 inches apart (the standard ring distance). Since they are fully adjustable I raise them for pullups/dips/muscle-ups/l-sits/backwards roll to support/kip to support/ etc. and lower them for ring flyes, pushups, and jacknives.

You could also throw them over a pullup bar as well. If your gym doesn’t mind you can bring them in for your workout. Technically, you can do a full muscle-up in a 7 foot high ceiling by starting in a l-sit or forming a ball.

FYI- I don’t know if it matters to you, but Tyler’s rings are made of plastic, whereas torques athletics’ are made of metal.