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Gymnastic Exercises?

Hey anyone have any good gymnastic exericses…I know a few people here are interested and I just wanted to know of some good ones. With rings and bodyweight. All I know of is the lever pull-up, plank pushup, and the iron cross. Thanks

Some other good ones include:

Handstand (handstand push ups, press to handstand, shoulderstand, planche press to handstand, etc…)

L-sit, V-sit, Manna progression

Rolls, rolls to support

Muscle ups

One suggestion that I have is that if you have rings, it’s fun and effective to just put together little routines consisting of a few strength moves/holds and then run through the routine. This means that you’re not only doing the holds themselves, but you must also transition between them.

Good training,


Google an article titled “Building an Olympic Body Through Bodyweight Conditioning.” Or, look for it over at DragonDoor.

I gave them a shot a few years back…pretty difficult stuff.