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Gymnastic Bodies + Power Lifts?


does anyone here do a combo like this? a previous neck and low back injury has made me gun shy of powerlifting again, I do professional wrestling and would like to find the most effective way to get back into the game. I've been all sizes from 165-215 but a balanced out 180lbs is where I feel the best. The Gynmasticbodies site has gotten alot of my attention and I think it would be a great asset, would it combine well with adding in some power lifts or bandwork? or would that be counter productive? Any and all advice is appreciated, thanks.


Wrong forum maybe?


wrong forum i'm pretty sure.


not the wrong forum, I said I was a wrestler, so trying to get advice from other combat athletes on if they have heard of this or if they have any better resources.


I am sorry, but outside of stating that Coach Sommers has an excellant reputation I have no direct knowledge of that sight.

Mark Bell/Jackass from Supertraining was a pro wrestler. Maybe go to the Supertraining forum?

Aside from that I would try to figure out exactly what you need for Pro Wrestling and than make sure to try to address those qualities.

Looks/size, strength for the lifts/throws, injury prevention, etc.


Robert A


I haven't seen supertraining yet, I'll take a look, is that Mark Bell of the Bell brothers? sure it wasn't Mike Bell?


by the way, thanks Robert...with my wrestling style pro wrestling training wouldn't bee too much different than most other combat/MMA training, that's why I check these forums


You know what mean Gene, what'ch gonna do when Hulkamnia runs wild on you!


Yes, it's Mark. Both wrestled pro.


I'm going to assume krazylarry was making a joke...spar4tee, I didn't know that, so far from what I've found power lifts definatley boost strength and explosiveness obviously but if you don't balance it out it's a hindrance in grappling, I trained that way for many years but my spine and joints definatley don't want solely a powerlifting regime


IMO it would definitely help with the agility aspects of pro wrestling, as well as keeping your shoulders healthy and mobile, and obviously build tons of relative strength. I honestly think that the conditioning forum might have been a better place for the question though.

BTW, I'm not a pro wrestler, nor have I ever been one, so this advice is not coming from firsthand experience on the subject.


Do we count pro wrestling as a sport?

In all fairness to the op- pro wrestling while athletic inst really a sport
Not busting balls but its not a sport, and the training might seem
similar - but its not.

that being said- you can work around multiple injuries,
still feel athletic and make good gains.

I imagine you would need all of the attributes other athletes need
solid core , stable knees and shoulders, speed , a good base level of strength
and some decent conditioning

any of the more popular 531 wfsb III or built like a badass- would all be fine with the right kind of
accessory work and supplemental conditioning.


pro wrestling your gonna need test enth dbol and a good pct combine that all with a mullet a tribal band some tumbling and acrobatics (some really great ones offered in acting classes at university) also a 6 pack of light beer and an atv dont hurt either

all things aside i respect the athleticism of wrestlers and their need for mobility

couldnt you accomplish all your goals by doing body building training in conjunction with tumbling and gymnastics put onn mass get agile and explosive from the other?


I agree. It's much closer to acting.

That being said a typical bodybuilder split would probably be fine for these guys, it's not like they have to be "bigger stronger and faster" than the competition. They just gotta look good.


I would go with stunt work instead of acting.

Also the whole Catch as Catch Can to Pro-Wrestling to Japanese Pro Wrestling to Strong Style Pro Wrestling to Shootfighting/Shooto/Pancrase to MMA thing might muddy the water as to who needs to train like a combat athlete.

My opinion is it seems like all the hell of fighting, injuries, training, pain, sweat but with no opportunity to hurt the person hurting you.

Finally, I have had interactions with a couple of pro wrestlers that leads me to say injury prevention/ injury proofing would be first on the list, then looking good.


Robert A


I think Westdale and Robert A pretty much nailed it, FightinIrish - I did the typical bodybuilder split before and it actually makes you more inujury prone in just about any sport, It's definately alot less acting than you think, as the WWE is not a good representation of other feds that have pretty rigorous conditioning and a totally different style, it's closer to gymnastics mixed with stuntwork, I have a little experience in sshootfighting but a bit gunshy to go that route again til I feel mobile enough.