Gymnastic and Weight Training

This doesnt really fit into this forum but whatver, this is basically the miscallaneous forum now x) haha. I noticed that lately theres been more articles on the site about gymnastic and bodyweight training and i wanted to see who here is into using gymnastic training alongside their weight training.

Bodyweight training is really what got me into working out in the first place. all of my earliest goals where to be able to do badass gymnastic moves like front levers, planches and muscles ups. unfortunately i had little idea of ho to get there and my months of efforts were mostly fruitless. then i found T-Nation and soon after i realized that i was a scrawny ass kid and as soon as a got a job i bought myself a gym membership, a pair of chucks and started hmamering away on the big lifts. its been about nine months and ive put on just over 25 pounds and gotten way stronger. so now ive decided to start working on my gymnastic exercises again.

so im wondering. anyone got any advice, training methods or experience with doing gymnastic and traditional weight training together?

right now im focusing on getting a good L-sit. im almost there, im doing a low L-sit for 6 sets of 10 seconds and i’ve been inspired to start working towards a dragon flag as well. and since ive strengthened my abs considerably in the last couple of months im also going to start working on front levers again. but of course, the big lifts are still the bread and butter of my lifting routine.