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Gymless Training Ideas needed

I’m about to be in a situation where I won’t have access to a gym for 2 months or so (damn economy issues) and I’m looking for some ideas of how to train Rocky IV style. I have ideas about pushups wearing a pack with weights in it, curling filled buckets, pull-ups, ect, but I’m looking for some different and creative ideas to make this effective, hardcore and most importantly fun. I’ll have access to a garge full of stuff but no “weight” equipment. Thanks in advance.

Have you read the “Death By Bodyweight” article in last week’s issue of T-Mag?

Sledgehammer GPP
Wheelbarrow walks
Non weighted GPP (Jumping jacks, shuffle splits, burpees, mountain climbers, star jumpers)
Sprint work
Medicine Ball Throws (U can use anything that weighs 5-10lbs)
Calisthenic exercises (squats, Glute ham raises, reverse hypers, pushups, offset pushups, plyo pushups, crossover pushups, chin ups, commando chins, pullups, a million ab exercises, etc)
Sand bag carries
Sand bag squats, goodmornings, rows, presses, deadlifts, etc
agility training
there is a million ways to train without “weights”. Sandbags cost $10 for 60-100bs

Feel free to ask any more questions Alex V

Don’t forget the almighty sandbag! You can get empty sandbags and fill them to your desired weight with rocks sand etc.(using a home scale). Just duct tape the hell out of them otherwise they will break apart and leak. They’re great for overhead squats and military presses, the farmers walk, etc., since they don’t stay in one place easily. Another solution is to use your backpack (if its tough enough) as a kettlebell and do single-arm snatches and side presses. You can also set up boxes and milk crates, wrap the backpack around your ankles, and do leg curls and glute/ham raises. There is also the possibility of finding an old telephone poll somewhere, just chainsaw a peice of it off to use as another non-traditional weight.

Oops, I meant reverse hyper, not glute/ham raise.

Sorry Alex V, I didn’t see your post up when I wrote mine…

I hadn’t thought of sand bags, what a great idea. Thanks

Check out Mike Mahler’s “Combat Fitness” and read Jason Norcross’s Roadwork thread.

I used to hit pushups with weights on my back in eighth grade when I was hardcore into pushups because I didn’t have any gym equiptment myself. I would suggest not doing it with weights on your back because it is incredibly awkward and messes with the spine. If you have some way to get your hands on pushup stands I would suggest them; they probably take 20% off your total max pushups. Therefore making it a hrader exercise. (It took me from doing 100 in a row to about 80.) Also make sure you hit pushups with incredibly good form, touching your chest with back straight or arched backward a little. I know you may not want to do too many reps and something like pushups can require that, but two months on a high reps cycle may give you extreme gains when you get back in the gym. My highest bench gains came from when I just got off an approximate eight week pushup cycle. My bench went from 160 to 250 in one year. Of course beginner’s syndrome with lifting acccounted for some of that as well, but I was only 14 at the time so 250 was pretty far up there. Good luck on finding other exercises.

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