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Gymjunkies Training and Diet Log

Hey all,

I haven’t been on t-nation for quite some time so thought I would return and invest some energy login my own training and perhaps chatting to anyone with any questions etc. I am always out to learn more and help others as a coach / personal trainer myself.

Anyway I am 6.1ft tall, 212lbs around 12% body fat and am in my off season having competed 3 times in the last couple years after plenty of time in the trenches trailing and testing tons of different training methods. I have had the pleasure of working with some great coaches and have learned from the best…namely Charles Poliquin, Ben Pakulski, John Meadows, Milos Sarcev.

I am currently working with Allen Cress who’s philosophies align very closely to that of my own for training and nutrition for me. Basing adjustments on biofeedback we adjust things on a needs basis and not because the calendar said so.

As I said I am in my off season looking to make some nice clean gains in lean tissue. My split looks like this:

Monday: Legs Primary
Tuesday: Back/Rear delts/Biceps Primary
Wednesday: Chest/Delts/Tri’s Primary
Thursday: Legs Secondary
Friday: Back/Rear delts/Biceps Secondary
Saturday: Chest/Delts/Tri’s Secondary
Sunday: OFF

So as you can see, I am using a higher frequency approach that seems to have provided the best results for me. The second sessions are still blooding hard work but not quite as the primary days.

Diet looks like this for a typical training day:

Meal 1: 200g meat + 200g sweet potato + veggies
Meal 2: 200g meat + 300g sweet potato + veggies
Meal 3: 200g meat + 1.5 cups rice + veggies
Meal 4: (pre workout): 100g rice porridge + 50g whey + teaspoon peanut butter + 1 english muffin
INTRA: 20g Casein hydrolysates + 25g Branches Cyclic Dextrins in 1L water
Meal 5: post workout): 2 cups egg whites/light cheese/veggies + 100g kid cereal + 3 english muffins
Meal 6: 200g meat + 100g rolled oats + veggies

I am using a lower fat, higher carb approach and seems to be working best. Like I said I have tried and tested most nutritional approaches but this seems to be working FOR NOW.

Any questions I’m happy to answer.


Today was my Primary Legs day comprising mainly of heavier harder work!

I started with calves:

A1: Standing calves 3 x 10
super set
A2: Tibialis raise 3 x 30-40

I worked up to 500lbs and got 40 reps

B: Lying leg curls 5 sets x 15,12,10,18, 20-30
50, 60 - 15 warm up
70 - 15 reps
80 - 12 reps
90 - 10 reps
100 - 8 reps
50 - 20 reps

C: BB Back Squats 4 x 6 (resting2-3mins)
warm ups
60kg - 6
80kg - 6
100kg - 6
120kg 6
work sets
All sets of 6 hard reps focusing heavily on mind muscle connection with no lock out. This was a PB last set with ZERO lean forward. Over the past 1-2 years I have had to work on my mid/upper back strength as a thoracic weakness was a huge weakness…no more!

C: Hack Squats 4 x 5(2s pause at bottom) + 10(pump)

50kg for all 4 sets

Got it all out and it pumped the shit out of my quads/glutes…only 60s rest here.

D: Leg extensions 2 x 25 pump
60lbs here for 2 hard sets

I had to rest 5mins before moving on, because I was gassed!

E: Front foot raised split squats 4 x 12 (pause at bottom each rep)

35lbs for all sets and I got 12 each. This killed me!


Been busy and tired to update.

Tuesday Back/Rear delt/Biceps
Wednesday Chest/Delts/Triceps
Thursday Leg Secondary (Very tired this day but pushed through and got better numbers on all just SUPER stuffed afterward)
Friday Back/Biceps Secondary
Saturday Chest/Delts/Triceps Secondary

I was able to hit PB’s on almost everything and my mind muscle is amazing…coming to my 12th week of training hard straight I will most likely back off soon and take a few days off. THIS is super important for long term progress!

I have done a solid 12 week growth phase going from 90.5kg to 97.6kg weighed Wednesday. I will keep pushing but once insulin sensitivity drop I will mini diet for a month or so.

Been while now and clearly too busy to update but anyway here is what my current week looks like:

Monday AM: 35mins SS upon waking
Monday PM: Shoulders

Tuesday AM: 25 mins Intervals
Tuesday PM: Legs

Wednesday AM: 35mins SS
Wednesday PM: Arms

Thursday AM: 25min Intervals
Thursday PM: Sauna

Friday AM: 35mins SS
Friday PM: Chest/Shoulders

Saturday AM: Back/10mins Quads circuit

Sunday: Off


Meal 1: 200g lean meat + veggies + 10g fats
Meal 2: 200g lean meat + veggies + 10g fats
Meal 3: 200g lean meat + veggies + 10g fats
Meal 4: 50g whey+oats
TRAIN: 35g Vitargo+15g EAA’s during workout
Meal 5: 200g lean meat + veggies + rice or cereal
Meal 6: 60g Casein mixed with yogurt and peanut butter

Leaning out right now at 2200 cals and have gotten to the point I am in a deep super compensated state and NEED a massive refeed on Sunday…So I have a massive refeed high calorie “spike” day. The only restrictions currently is no deserts on this day. Otherwise its Cereal, Oatmeal bars, Bacon/Eggs/toast, Pizza etc…Some dark chocolate.