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Gymbag Recommendations?

First and foremost i am from the philippines so please suggest gymbag brands like adidas,nike or underarmour because some brands that can be available to your country may not be available to our country. I just want the forum opinion about a good gymbag that can fit two shoes, two shakers, weightlifting belt,strap and knee sleeves. also personal items like keys,phone,wallet etc and lastly shirts and shorts and notebooks. i hope you can recommend a gymbag that can fit this all because i am a student so i need to carry this stuffs in order for me to go directly to the gym after school. thank you for your suggestions in advance.

Any normal size gym bag from those brands will work. I have normal size Nike bag and it fits 2 pairs of shoes, clothes, towel, jump rope, ab wheel, chalk, swimming goggles, foam roller, bands, and a burger.

Anything will work really. It’s just a gym bag that’s regular or large. Don’t get a small one. It will be listed.

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Do we have to research if it can be shipped to the Philippines as well?

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Got an Eastpak bag served me well, lasted 15+ years and still going strong

Glad trashbags

Didnt this topic come up awhile ago?.. But that OP in that post was more worried about having a manly gym bag.

yeah it came up a Month or two ago. I think the conversation ended with codpieces.

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One that’s on sale. Most of them are going to have similar styles, materials, colors, and qualities available. I bought mine on sale at elitefts because I had worn a hole in the other one. It was cheap, shipping was free since I was already buying something else, and it fit the bill. I didn’t really put much thought beyond that into it.

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