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I am opening up a training log for members of my gym. What I call my “gym” is my garage, it has many implements to build power, strength, size and endurance. I want this to be a way to check each other and check ourselves. To push each other and to improve weekly and follow our progress.

We will put down our goals and personal records in our biography. Then we will post our training, diet, ect. I will update with pictures of our training.

My philosophy, style and idea’s come from this site and Gym Jones.


I am 26 I played soccer in high school and college. Currently I am in the Military in the Medical field. My lifting experience and knowledge was very low through high school and college. I had never worked legs more than the leg press and I could bench press 200# at a BW of 140#. After completing Basic training I weighed in at 132#, in August of 04 I started to get into lifting more seriously on and off until Nov 05 when I found T-Nation.

Currently: in the last year.
weight 155#
squat 385#
deadlift 335#
bench 265#
BW dip 50 reps
BW chin up 23 reps
BW push up 75 reps

I only max out once a year and my numbers are getting close to where I wanted to get to before I started trying new things. Some of the new things I am referring to are sled work, farmers walk, overhead squat, snatch.

I have many goals for 2008 here are a few,

BW 170#
30" vert.
50" box jump
100# one-arm snatch
90# BB TGU
405# SQ
Increased ankle, hip and shoulder mobility

My training is not always consistently on the same days, being as busy as I am. Mon, Wed, Fri mornings is army PT so depending on the circumstances I may or may not be able to do my own thing. Mon and Fri I am in BJJ classes in the evenings. I just started two months ago and have my first tournament this month along with a PT test for the Army. I try to get three workouts a week in my gym.

This morning for PT I ran on the treadmill, 1 mile, 3% incline starting at a speed of 8 increasing it .5 for every .25 mile.

Push-ups 7-8 sets of 20-25reps
2 sets 10 clapping PU
Pull-ups 9,8,7,6

I’m looking forward to BJJ tonight!

At BJJ last night we warmed up with the usual laps various forms of shrimping, body drags, crawls ect. then 5 sets of alternating push-ups and pull-ups. Then abs.

We trained half-guard escape and sweeps. Then rolled for 30 minutes.

At 530am for PT ran 1 mile at 8 with no incline. I hate running.

medicine ball roll-outs 4x10
medicine ball crunches 4x20

I dont know the name of this exercise but it is for shoulder mobility. Placing a weight (I used the medicine ball) on your hands lying flat on your back press your lumbar into the floor and extend your hand above your head until the back of your hands touch the floor keeping your arms straight. You’ll feel the stretch throughout your lats. Once your hands touch the floor lift 3 inches off the floor.

After the PT test next week I can begin doing whatever I want. I can’t wait.


A little of what we do out of my garage.

static holds for time…


The snow is melting but we can’t wait. Look out cars!!!

I led a small group for PT this morning. We did all the variations from yesterday’s article “Everything Push-ups”

I really liked the lock-offs and crossovers, not everyone was able to do some of the more challeging ones. I will be doing the ricochet’s on my own sometime those will destroy me.

day off tommorrow.


looks like fun

your squat is sick for someone who only does leg presses

[quote]ZeusNathan wrote:
looks like fun

your squat is sick for someone who only does leg presses[/quote]

I actually have not been on a leg press more than 5 times in the last 10 years.
I mostly only squat, I am pretty compact so it’s easier for me than deadlift(short arms). I went from a max of 245# in '04 to 385# this last year.

Thursday I took the day off,

This morning was pretty relaxed as well jog 1.5 of the treadmill.

stretched out for 45 minutes.

I have really been working on my flexiblity most nights while I watch TV I’ll stretch for 30 minutes. For me it is pretty tough, I have never been flexible.

BJJ tonight we are working on take down and take down defense.


A neck crank at BJJ put me down for a couple days. Lots of foam roller and tennis balls.

BJJ Monday night we learned 5 various darce chokes. Lots of fun! rolled for 20 minutes with Garrett, good roll, intense pace.

Pt test tommorrow which is wednesday. Then I will begin my workouts again. So tired of Army PT!!!

PT test this morning
2-mile time 13:26
Push-ups 74

Last night Scott, Bjerke and Ramirez came over to train.

25-over-head sledge hammer swings from knees,
10/arm medicine ball pushes w/partner
10-knee jumps no weight
3 rds

5/arm BB get-up
10/side tire rotational throws
2 rds

10-12" depth jump onto 24" box
partner sled pull 20 yards
3 rds

It was a light workout just kinda fun.
We also messed around with box jumps onto 40" box. Everyone tried to jump completly over with one step as well. That proved to be too much for them.


Friday morning:
3x15 back extension
4x8 iso-lateral row
3x6 TYL raises-brutal
3x8 DB curls
3x10 DB single leg deadlift

More of a maintenance workout. My partner no-showed and I’m fighting off injuries, elbow shoulder, lower-back and neck.

Friday night:
BJJ 1 1/2hr rolling little to no rest toughest night of rolling I’ve done. I had a great failed arm bar to triangle choke that I finished.

Saturday morning:
Really sore from last night,

A1-Rope climbs
A2-Stir the Cauldron BB+35#
B1-Over-head Slosh-pipe Step-ups-BRUTAL
B2-Asst.(jumping) Muscle-ups
C1-Sled-drag 255#-25yrds
C2-Tire-flip 250#-down/back=15x
D1-KB push-press 6,5,3x35,44,53
Finishing drill-Rope whipping-4rds


Scott and myself went on a 80 minute trail ride, very challenging being our first of the year.