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Gym Websites

i thought it would be good to post up websites to the gyms we train at so other members can check them out.heres mine.

My actual instructor’s (Walt and Charlie Lysak) website is currently down. But, here is a link to the iCAT website (which Walt is a co-founder of).


So far I’ve got to work with Walt and Charlie of course, Rich, Mike D, and Joe Lewis.

Through them I’ve also met (but unfortunately didn’t get to train with) Frank Shamrock, Adam Guerra, Wayne Carmen, John Hutchinson, Dana Abbot, John Graden, Mike Lee Kannarek, and of course Lysak Sr.

This year at the conference I also got to train with Rodney Smith (former bronze medalist greco roman wrestler at the 1992 olympics).

Any MMA gyms in N.Ireland near Ballyclare?


BJJ, Jukite JuJitsu and Judo with Clint Godfrey (CFFC Bantam Weight Champion) and Josh Usera @ Dynamic Mixed Martial Arts

Stand up and Muy Thai with Matt DeWolfe @ Iron Wolf Gym