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Gym Walls (Gym Complete!)


So as my asbestos-filled homegym comes to fruition, things are slowly creeping toward functionality. I'm painting in the kitchen today when Moms approaches me about my weightroom downstairs.

She wants me to paint so it looks "less drab," and I agree it is very boring and melancholy down there. However, I'm thinking of going a step further - while I'm painting, I might as well have some fun - I think I want to put a logo or symbol or something on the wall.

I think they'd flip if I just projected "TESTOSTERONE" on the wall and did that, so I'm thinking of less offensive ideas. T-Muscle and T-Nation logos are off limits and cheesy though they are incredibly cool on their own - so I'm just wondering if any of you underground gym people have seen anything you liked in your own gyms that I could totally rip off.

(06/02/10 gym complete/pics on like page 3 or something)


Testosterone is offensive now?


You live with your parents?


I'm also 18 and just graduated high school on Thursday?


he is 18yrs. Home is acceptable no?

I say put testosterone and 'T' logos everywhere. Write offensive shit on the wall and put sexy posters up. Thats what I would do but I never had a gym when I was at home.


Best excuse I've heard this year. Congrats on being certified that you are teachable, thats all the HS diploma means.


This is according to my coffee-sipping Dad who alerted me to the asbestos. I don't agree with him, but he's giving me like 150sq ft in the basement to myself so I can't argue.


Why would you waste time, money, and resources on a gym in a place you won't be living in much longer anyway?


Blood. Smack a few people around and spatter the place up a little.

Either that or some Dali and Escher. It's good to stimulate the mind and create a productive environment in the weight room.


Tell him it's a type of pasta, testosteronee.


Wait wait the the hell? I considered my high school graduated so insignificant I told my parents to not bother attending. I'm at friggin' home because I'm commuting to college to save cash. (aka I'm here for atleast four more years, Wormwood; plus I already had the plates/equip, only expense was my labor, sheetrock, and mats) My dad told me "You're bright enough where I shouldn't have to pay for college," which I knew translated into "All the help you get from me is the roof above your head and dinner on the table." I don't mooch, guys - I'm just asking for interior design tips (rofl... on a BBing forum... damn this looks dumb.)


Okay. I wasn't trying to flame you, it just didn't make sense from my perspective.

paint the walls white. It'll make you feel less claustrophobic and look a little more presentable if your friends want to train with you in your gym. Plus it will make the whole area look "brighter".

And unless you're an artist or drafter, whatever cool design you have in your head is going to look retarded once you paint it. That's the truth.


Totally cool man, I know the normal routine around here is you need to prove you're not an idiot before people take time to help you out (which is totally understandable).

I do have a few friends who are professional painters (like, legit stuff - she does outdoor landscapes on walls, crazy gothic shit, whatever you want) and she is totally on board. She just isn't a meathead, so she had no clue what a good idea would be. I definately do need to repaint the walls, though - even just a basecoat. I'm thinking white or offwhite.


Celtics needs a roommate


Aw come on how is wanting to paint your own gym walls on the same level as trying to tailor a track suit?


This is how boys play I guess. First of all, congrats on graduating. My son just graduated also. I don't happen to look upon graduation as it only "means you're teachable." Living with your parents to save money in this effed up economy? Again, good for you. A home gym = awesome.

White or a very light color as the base is a great idea to make the room seem larger and bright. A friend who is an actual artist and will help is great. If it were me (admittedly I don't have a penis), I'd pick one image, person or quote I find particularly inspiring when it comes to lifting and center it on the wall you'll be facing when you're lifting.

I bet you can look around the TNation site and/or use Google to find something? Okay, now the rest of the boys will be mean to you because it helps you become a man or something. Carry on.


if your dad thinks Testosterone is offensive you need to move out asap.


I am so fucking happy that I haven't seen these kinds of gym T shirts in about 10 years. Stupid God damned muscular pitbulls! Fuck the early 90s!


Fuck this too!


and this!, the only ones I couldn't find were those cheesy ones with a poorly drawn muscle man with a big grin and sunglasses.