Gym Suggestions in Illinois?

I’m going to be in the Lisle, Naperville area of Illinois next week. I’ll be down there for training for work and will only be there for one week. I was just wondering if anyone knew of any decent gyms in the area that I could get a one week membership to?

I’ve googled the area but have only found places like Bally’s, Planet Fitness and the like. Any good powerlifting type gyms in the area?

I work in Warrenville- which is nearby Naperville and Lisle. You have two options (as I see it): 1) Lifetime Fitness in Warrenville- really nice facilities- including an attached ‘Vertical Endeavors’ with a huge climbing wall. or 2) X Sport Fitness- there is one in Downers Grove and one in Naperville. XSport is cheaper than Lifetime but still has decent equipment.

Neither is really a hardcore powerlifting gym. You’d likely have to go downtown for that- could try B&W Gym on the northside of Chicago- but that’s a bit of a haul from where you will be staying.

You might want to check out Velocity Sports Performance in Warrenville, which is close to Naperville

27615 Diehl Road
Warrenville, IL

There is also a link for a free trial:

It’s not a powerlifting gym, but it does have lots of O-Lifting platforms, power racks, and track areas for running sprints. I don’t know if they offer one week passes or not, but it might be worth checking out.

Id go with xsport. used to lift at one in St. Charles. pretty cool set-up and plenty equipment.

also they give you a week for free so act interested they will test your bf% and that BS then you get a week free, i think free week of tanning too if your into that stuff.