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Gym Statistics

I’m trying to compile some marketing info. and thought I’d tap the collective minds of T-Nation members.

The idea is to gather data in these areas in order to offer reprints of my comic strips to gyms for their newsletters, etc. And to focus on selling to papers in the most gym-goer dense areas:

-number of gyms in respective cities

-number of gym users in those cities

-# of members and/or facility size of individual gyms

-largest gym franchises and numbers of members

-lists of gym/fitness related newsletters both web and print

-anything else I might be missing

I’d imagine folks selling supplements, gym equipment, and the like have this kind of data or would have some good ideas on getting it.

Thanks in advance for the help!

good luck!

LOL, thanks.

I’m looking into hiring a research firm to put this together for me, but thought there might be some guerrilla marketers out there with some good insight.

Hey, I dunno if anyone has thought of this before, but you think T-mag might put your comics up? It would be good for you because of the exposure, and it would be good for T-mag because it gives the site more content. Just a thought.

Better yet, they put your comics in the Grow! Bar wrappers, like with Bazooka Joe bubble gum.

Hmm, interesting. Do you need the statistics and details or more so just the contact details for all the gyms out there?

I’m just curious, don’t really have much to offer by way of suggestions…