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Gym Sold Reverse Hyperextension

I joined a local health club for its variety of equipment, especially items not seen at standard gyms. They sold it, or gave it away, the reverse hyperextension to a local fire department. I told them that I wish they would have posted this since I would purchased it myself or maybe they would have hung on to it if they had heard my input.

Any similar stories? I’m just venting, since it’s a valuable, and expensive piece of equipment.

Well, at least it went to a good cause. Quite possibly a firefighter may now be saved from serious back problems. (Which I understand is a very frequent career problem for them.) Or may manage to rehab an existing serious problem. Hard to imagine that piece of equipment going to a more deserving home.

Though it does suck that you don’t get to use it now.

That sucks pretty hard, I’d be pissed if my gym just took a piece of equipment I use regularly right out from under me.

I’d probably choke a bitch.

Honestly, the only thing anyone at my gym ever used the reverse hyper for was to set our shit on while we lifted.

Maybe its just me, but the roller model always gave me very intense lower back pain when I used it.

Damn that sucks man… always helps to have an inside guy to give you a heads up on when stuff is getting sold or trashed… Years ago when I was at the Y they got rid of a decent power rack/cage that while rusty, was in stiil great shape & they replaced it with - that’s right - a SMITH machine…

When I asked one of the guys working there how much they would have sold it to me for he shrugged & said, “probably $100”

I was not a haoppy lifter that day…

To the OP; time to make some lifting buddies @ the fire station