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Gym Rat - Insulting?


Does anyone else find it insulting when they get called a gym rat? I personally cringe. To me a gym rat is that juiced up bone head at your local gym who knows little more than how to build his "guns". What does everyone else think?


i think people use it as a term now for people who LOOK LIKE they spend all there time at the gym. Can I ask what the person who called you that looked like? People seem to have this misconception (even my girlfriend, who lifts weights) that if you actually have good muscles, good size... that you MUST spend at least 2 to 3 hours a day at the gym.

I don't really think its any worse than being called a workaholic or something to that effect...except for some reason people seem to think working accomplishes something whereas lifting doesnt.


Well then, you obviously stereotype people just as much, if not more, than whoever would use that term, huh?


Personally I find it a complement, along with other terms like "meathead"...Back on Camp Pendleton there's a program where you get a cool "Gym Rat" t-shirt after accumulating a certain number of points for working out for certain periods of time or doing other workout related things. I worked out for about 3 months (well at least kept the "log") to get my shirt. Stand by for a pic...Who wouldn't want to be a gym rat?


I've always taken it to be a compliment. I guess I think of it more from a basketball context since the gym rat was the kid who might not have been blessed with the greatest athletic ability, but through countless hours spent in the gym (shooting 3's, working on dribbling drills, etc.) developed into a great player.


I don't like the "rat" in "gym rat". I'd prefer a superior (and cleaner) animal, but I can't use "gym dog" 'cause "Atomic Dog" is taken. :frowning:

Honestly, terms like "gym rat", "meathead", and the such are invented by people who don't work out regularly. Who was the first guy to use "meathead", Archie Bunker?


Didn't bodybuilders create the term? I don't see how it can be an insult. I am in the gym daily. They have "mall rats" too.


I also associate it with basketball more than weight lifting.


Gym rat should be a compliment. Fat ass would be an insult, but as a gym rat, you'll probably never hear that.


Could be bodybuilders created it. I might need to check into this one a little bit more, but growing up, I always thought of it in a basketball context. Like, the coach's son who spends all their time in the gym (Pete Maravich being a perfect example).


Nothing insulting about it. But in all honesty I don't think I've heard people use that term all that much.


Agreed. People who don't train or don't train right don't realize how far shorter, intense workouts and a good diet can take you.


I take it as a compliment. Also meathead and roidmonkey, but I'm just a whore for compliments that imply that my hard work is paying off. Just don't whet your teeth on the hexheads. There is no need for stuff like that.


haha, well I guess I may have overreacted. It seems like NO ONE agrees with me. maybe its not that bad... i dunno, i still think it sounds dirty, or something to that affect... O well, myabe ill try and take it as a compliment the next time someone calls me one.


I look at porn all day. I guess I'm a porn rat!


Good idea, gymrat.


I've always taken it as a compliment. Being called a gym rat is much better than people saying "you train?"


Definition of the gym rat ? The gym rat can be identified as (normally a male) who looks like he hasn't done anything remotely resembling physical activity for at least ten years. Perhaps once jocks it seems the only thing they have lifted is beer and pizza to their face. One can normally find the gym rat standing by the mirror and admiring himself in his purple track outfit from the 80's. Normally also featuring a dyed black perm and a gold medallion.

I can't remember his name... there is a wrestler on the WWE who plays off this. He always comes out and tries to sell his opponent some health food system. He's who I think of. Simon Systems? Uggg now this is going to bother me


why even care? You know what you are, positive or negitive, you shouldn't give 2 shits what anyone else says.


You might be a Gym Rat if...

  1. It's friday night and you're in the gym, not the club...
  2. You carry a protein shake in your car if you're going to be out for more than an hour...
  3. You blow off a date for the gym (stupid!)...
  4. Half of your t-shirts say "Testosterone" or are for participating in a bench press contest...
  5. You finnally make it to the club and the chicks are all staring at your chest and abs through your strategically partially unbuttoned shirt...

Got any more?