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Gym Rant


some days I just want throw a plate into someones head...
There is a guy who frequent the gym I go to who I call the eecshh guy. He make THAT sound after every rep for everything he does,.... dips eecsh, pullups eecsh, curls eesch, farts eecsh... I breath when I lift, at times when it is particularly heavy I may even grumble a bit. But this guy really freakn annoys me, he sounds like a woman in labor eesch eecsh eecsh.

When I see him I try to work away from him but his F__kn eecsh whistle fills the entire gym.
Really WTF 15-20 mins of this guys mating call makes me seriously want to frisbee toss a plate at his head.

ok I'm done


haha i can picture him doing cardio.


we had a guy like that at sdsu. i think our gym times got changed or he graduated and found a new gym. I haven't seen him in a couple months. anyways, it never bothered me, i could literally hear him from 80 yards away. we talked every once in a while, he was a pretty cool guy. maybe you should talk to your grunter, try and work out with him. i bet he is a crap load more intense then you are.


Solution is simple bud, buy some earbuds and get some good music, whatever you like. Crank it up nice and loud and you don't hear that guy again.

Orrr the prank way is to run up to him looking extremely alarmed and quickly asking him if he's okay. Because he made an awful screeching sound. Tell gym management you are concerned about said gym member and you would like them to check on him to make sure he didn't hurt himself or have a baby in the gym. Just a couple of ideas you can try. Ohh one more, try wearing a gas mask when he's around. Haha that would be funny.

Good Luck.


He probably is a decent guy, I wouldn't say he is more or less intense.. he does more of a circuit workout. Thankfully our workouts are usually not at the same time.

Beside a rant is rant, and this one happens to be mine. I'm sure everyone has a short list of crap that irritates them in the gym.



anyways, i was just messing around, i don't know a thing about you or him...obviously


On Monday I watched some clown doing supinated bench press (he was holding the bar like he was going to curl it...except he was lying on his back doing bench press) and wearing a weight belt. Then in between sets of supinated-belt-supported half reps he would walk to the fountain on the complete other side of the gym to show off how swole he was on the way over, instead of just going to the closest fountain. This guy was like 160 lbs max before anyone tries to pull "he was probably more intense than you"


:slightly_smiling: JL your an arse ol...besides that's how I do my benches all the time. I luv em a good weight belt, if only it had a pocket on it so I can carry my phone while I'm in the gym.


does anyone else enter a thread see that the OP is longer than 2 lines and just scrolls down til you see something funny so you can join in.


reverse grip bench? maybe he had a shoulder owie, it is a legit exercise. He may be walking to the further drinking fountain so he gets a bigger rest without just standing there looking like a dolt.


Carbiduis is correct, but in the spirit of the rant... I pictured "the guy" who comes to the gym because he's bored or he is gettn his muscle on for the night. Weight belt in tow maybe even a little "grrhup" with each of his 3-4 partial reps (that he barely puts back on the rack)walking to the fountain checkn himself in every mirror. Possibly even looking at some other dude thinking he should offer his advice, ya know just to help the poor fellr out. Abandoning the bench after the 1 set, and moving on to quarter rep curls, the kind ya have to bend backwards to do.
Then again I do have an active imagination... Haaha

FJu I just re-read your post, ha I thought you were goofn he was more intense than me. I stand by my weight belt with a cell phone pocket dream though. :slight_smile:


I considered that it might be a legit exercise, but he discredited himself by doing half reps and wearing a weight belt.


Man I saw some "cat taking a shit" deadlifters today and really wanted to help because I know how they are going to feel tomorrow, but there is no way I am stopping to give advice, especially if it is "Youre doing it wrong, take some weight off"


Lately if I see a thread where the OP is longer that 2 lines I scroll down to see if Kerly has posted, in which case I remind him that he's quite possibly a flaming homosexual. Oh shit, You're kerly.. umm.... ur gay!

That is all


Sounds like he's just exhaling


In before countingbeans defends the retard grunter and then calls you out to post pics to make sure you are bigger and stronger than him.

Countingbeans is president of the grunter club, beware.



^ Black banana hammock.... Classic!!


I really don't like the "Piston Petes" as I call them.
They're the guys that make noises like they're the Little Engine That Could when they lift. I mean they're just breathing through their teeth. If they just opened their mouths a little it would be quiet.


I take a certain smug pride in deadlifting more quietly than people who deadlift less.