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Gym question


Here's the thing. For the last couple of years I have been working out at the YMCA. While it had met my needs before, it only has one power rack, which makes it difficult for me to go about my workout (Westside) since my life depends on a power rack (everything from bench, decline, incline to jm presses, deadlifts; basically all my main and accessory lifts). So if someone is using it, i'm stuck wasting time. My membership runs out this Sunday. So I have a question. There are Woody's and Gold's not too far from me. Is it smart/beneficial to switch from the Y to one of these gyms? Or have you guys had not-so-good experiences with those gyms (trainers being dicks about deadlifting, board pressing, chains, bands, chalk, etc.). I know up at my school (Pitt), the first time I tried to deadlift in their new building, I just got done w/my set of 3 and slammed their rubber weights onto their rubber floor and almost got kicked out.



Ask the management. I train at a commercial gym like that when my school's is closed and i bring boards, bands, chains, everything in there. I deadlift and all in there. Nobody says a word.


Along with what Goldberg said, try them out for a week. I know Gold's will give you a 7 day pass if you're willing to put up with one of their sales associates for a few minutes.

As Gold's gyms are franchises, you can get very different atmospheres in different Gold's. So it's hard to say what you're going to get. I've had very good experiences in the Gold's gyms where I live. The trainers pretty much leave you alone.