Gym Predator?

Maybe you look like someone he knows.

P-DOG, I am eternally fascinated with the mighty schlong too. Unfortunately, I hear you don’t like women who are taller than you are. LOL.

Having crossed paths with a diagnosed sociopath before, I suggest you deal with it immediately.

It is not normal for a man to stare and then continue staring in a way that makes you uncomfortable.

If he followed you out to your car I would be very concerned.

Tell the gym manager, see if you can get his name and do a background check on him. If you can’t get his name, have your husband talk to him and follow him out to his car so you at least get a license plate for the future.

I’ve seen guys with poor social skills at the gym whose minds obviously shut down when they see an attractive woman working out, but this seems like more than that. I agree that you should confront him (so he knows he’s not anonymous anymore), and I applaud your desire to want to do it quietly, leaving him some (perhaps undeserved) dignity.

But make sure that someone you know and trust is watching you when you do. If you’re with your husband, and walk away to confront the guy, but it’s obvious that your husband is within hailing distance, youll feel safer if the dude gets weird(er) on you.

Good luck. Keep us posted.

Trust your gut instinct. Confront him in public, especially around other guys in the gym. Something literal like “Why the fuck are you always staring at me”. We’re protective of women by nature, they’ll watch your back.

Get your husband involved. If I was him I would be more pissed if I didn’t know about something like this.

This guy prolly things he’s intriguing(sp?) you. He’s probably harmless but I’d still be careful. And you should Def. tell the hubby. I’d want to know if some schlepp was eyeing my wife.


dont worry about it

Tell the manager to keep an eye on you and him. If he is weirding you out he needs to be told to cut it out, and someone needs to be aware of this. Do you have other friends in the gym that can provide support?

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were all the same size when were laying down!!!


but your mouth will still be runnin

Shipley, is that your mouth running now? Why don’t you back off a bit. mmkay?

it’s probably p-dog. just DON’T i repeat DON’T let him spot you while squating, he will try to dry hump you.

Hi Trinity
If you are working out in a certain area of the gym, does he come over near you?

If so, make a point of moving ten feet away, whether that is moving your dumbells elsewhere or switching to a different exercise. Move, after you complete your reps on that set.

If the guy hovers near you after you already moved, then say something to him. Something unfriendly like “stay the fuck away from me” or “do you mind, I am trying to work out here”. Get a little territorial with your space.

I don’t see the point of walking up to him and quietly asking for an explanation. Instead, stake out your space on the gym floor. If he infringes, give him the benefit of the doubt one time, and move. If he comes near again, tell him to back off. Decide what your boundary is going to be (staring or whatever) and when that line is crossed, let him know you are not taking any shit.

To be honest I have a problem sometimes where people crowd me in the gym. Sometimes I train on off hours and there will be nobody in the gym, yet the one other guy there feels compelled to use “my” mirror to check his nasal hair while I am doing presses. People are dicks sometimes, especially in the gym.

Also, a lot of guys go into animal mode in the gym and get very intense about their workouts (I’m sure you know this) and it can come off as hostile to other people, when the truth is that they are only thinking about training. I know at my gym there are probably a couple of people who think I am a dick because I sometrimes get very focused and forget to smile at people etc. Make sure you are making a distinction between a guy who is jacked up on adrenaline, and somebody who is singling you out.

I would also point this guy out to your husband. That way if your husband sees him around the neighborhood, he will recognize him. He should not be oblivious to this.

Also discuss your concerns with the gym staff. If this guy is a loose nut, he may go off on somebody else, if not you.


get some pepper spray just in case.

Make sure you get some big guy to walk you to your car. You don’t want this creep following you to your car and pushing you inside.