Gym Predator?

Hi Everyone
I am new to the forum, so I hope I am not using someones name.
Most of my questions have been asked and answered elsewhere, so I have just generally lurked around, but today this guy at the gym kind of weirded me out. So I decided to post.
I am not a wimp,I am female, so I’m used to being stared at at the gym :-). Normal weight,a few muscles. Most guys get caught looking and glance away,use the mirrors, or grin, that typical sort of thing.
But the way this guy was looking at me was intense. Like he was trying to send me a telepathic message or something.
I have a wedding ring on and I made sure he saw it. I moved away from his area and he gradually worked his way over to me again.
He said nothing and I tried to avoid eye contact with him,but whenever I looked up he would stare hard at me. If I was a guy I guess I would say it was a challenging stare. To me it felt almost possessive.
I have been going to this gym for about 6 months now and have never met this guy,but I remember him watching me get into my car a few weeks ago.
So I thought maybe I could get some advice from all of you. I do not want to encourage him or piss him off. My current plan is to ignore him and try to go to the gym at a different time…

Don’t ignore him.Get with the manager of the gym,tell him to keep an eye on you,so nothing happens.Then walk straight over to that guy and ask him what the hell he is looking at,hasn’t he ever seen a woman.This should be the end of it.Don’t let this asshole make you change your gym habits.It’s as much your gym as it is his.

I’d say fuck 'em (no not literally)
If he creeps you out ask him what his fucking problem is. I am serious. This should tell him in a not so roundabout way that he is a nuisance.
I would NOT try to adjust my schedule and make it more inconvenient for me just because of someone who was staring me down.
If that does not work then eat a bunch of tuna, throw down some coffee and go to the gym. Ask him to spot you on say bench press or something and blow that nasty breath his way. He most likely will never come near you again!
Honestly though, if my suggestion doesn’t work and he still doesn’t leave you alone I’d tell the staff and let them know that you’d like the opportunity to workout without such close supervision.
Lastly, if he still doesn’t get the picture call me up and we’ll go workout togther. Just don’t eat the tuna and coffee.Please!
Good luck.

Bring your husband for a workout.Be sure he sees you together.

Hi Trinity,

Welcome to the board. Don’t worry about having used someone else’s name. Once a user is registered his or her name can’t be registered again.

I’m a woman too and I get my fair share of stares in the gym as well. But I’ve never encountered someone like you describe.

How many times did this happen? Was it just once or twice or does he do it on a regular basis? If it happened once or twice I don’t think you have anything to worry about.

If he’s doing it frequently then you might have a problem. Or you might not. You don’t know yet. So far, it doesn’t sound as if he’s threatening you.

If you want to avoid confrontation there are several things you can do. Does your husband train? If he does, bring him to the gym with you. Complain to management if he becomes more threatening. There’s also the old “accidental” drop-an-olympic-plate-on- his-groin-when-he’s-lying-on the-floor-stretching- or-doing-abs ploy. :wink:

Personally, I would tell him to shove off, but I’m a bit of a hothead who likes telling people off when I feel it’s merited. But that’s just me.

Whatever you do, don’t change your schedule. You have every right to train when you want to.

Thanks guys.
I am pretty sure he has seen me with my husband before.My husband is not a small guy at 6’2 and 230lbs. He works out with me fairly frequently but our schedules are not always the same.
I did not mention this creep to him cause I don’t want him to worry every time I go to the gym and I hope to deal with it myself. I thought about stomping up to him and saying “What!”
but I got the feeling confrontation was not a good idea.
What is it with these guys? It was like a dog looking at a cat. And not a friendly dog either.

SOunds like a freak to me… Safety and peace of mind are your number one priority and it seems he is all up in your personal space… tell him to knock it off as he is creeping you out… You have every right to be there and his behaviour is unacceptable…

If he insists on being a dickhead tell it to the management and they should do something about it (if they are a decent gym concerned for the welfare of their members…) I can dream, can’t I ?

Take care. JAY

Sorry MD I didn’t see your post before I replied.
I think I have seen him once or twice before, just the usual looking, like when he watched me get in my car. He didn’t really register much. I guess he wanted to get noticed and it rattled me.
If it happens again I guess I’ll just go up to him and quietly ask him what his problem is. I don’t want to embarass him and trigger the male pride thing. Then you end up with a pissed off stalker.
Hopefully this will end up being nothing. He was not obnoxious just intense.

Chuck a 2 1/2 pounder at him like a Ninja star.

Kidding. Welcome to the board. I don’t think this situation is any different because it occurs in a gym. Try asking around about him, maybe you can learn what his deal is. Make sure others know you’re weary of him and just be careful.

if your an attractive female im sure this is really nothing new to you. guys stare. usually guys that have never had any, but none the less they stare.

just ignore it, if he takes it to another level then worry about it. hes probabaly just on a heavy cycle of test and has a perpetual boner.

start packin heat

I agree with P-DOG. Just ignore him for now. He’s doing no harm.

BTW, P-DOG, does everything in your world revolve around the mighty boner? Not that there’s anything wrong with that. :wink:

Oh shit I think I am the guy!

Sorry. Couldn’t resist.

I think you should confront him quietly and politely. Pose the same questions and concerns that you posed to this board. That you noticed him looking at you and not like most guys do. Then ask what is going on and that it bothers you. Then watch him carefully to see what the reaction is. After you confront him, definitely tell your husband. Keep us posted.

Lol you guys are funny.
Yes I am used to it, most women who spend some time in a gym are. There were several other attractive women at the gym with me.
This guy was just way out of the ordinary horn dog. Hopefully he won’t do it again.
If you guys are caught staring at a girl then grin, drool, or look shocked and awed. Just don’t look consumed.
Did you see Lord of the Rings? it was like I was the ring and he was a 6’4 Gollum. Ok, thats it. I am done describing him. It is giving me the creeps again and I was just feeling better. :slight_smile:

If him acts the same way again, that is just what I plan on doing.
Thanks everyone.

you should never allow anyone to make you uncomfortable…its your right as a paying customer and as a person…maybe your just gorgeous and he cant get enough of ya, but once you feel uneasy its too much…i would def consult the manager as to what path is best taken. If the manager isnt willing to help you might want to change gyms or confront the guy, or hire some one to break his legs =-)~

That’s a little creepy, actually. yeah, us guys stare at anything good looking in the gym. Or at least glance at it, but about the only time I stare possessively at anything in the gym is at the squat rack. I love that rack… wanna take it home with me, and love it and squeeze it.

That said, if he does it again, I’d be cautious about confronting him, and maybe ask one of the gym employees to keep an eye on you just in case. One of the bigger ones if they guy has any size on him. Last thing you want to do is have him freak on you.

Course, if he’s acting possesive and really is a creep, I’d worry about him following you outside of the gym at another time. Sorry for the bad thought there, but it’s something you should think about.

well not everything. bodybuilding is probably the only thing in my life that doesnt revolve around the wood. then again, as i have stated in the past, training with heavy weights does give me a boner!

ps. im glad to see you have taken such a great interest in my schlong!

im sure you would really enjoy my company while im “on!”