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Gym Pick-Up Lines

Anyone know any cheezy bodybuilding pick up lines, lines you can only use in the gym. For example:

-Excuse me, can you spot me? because I couldnt help but spot you, when you walked in.

-You got tickets? She responds, “tickets to what?” (while flexing your biceps), say “to the gun show”

-I know milk does a body good, "but damn girl how much milk you drinking?

this one I made up myself…and yes its pretty sad…

Ask, do you like snakes? her reponse is usually no. Then you flex and say, “not even these pythons?” If she says yes, then you say “How about these pythons?”

Please feel free to add to the list:

I know there’s more out there…come on get creative!

Load up a barbell with about her weight(circa 50kg).

Power snatch it with only your left hand.

Introduce yourself and shake hands with your free right hand. Hell maybe even ask for a hug.

Lower the barbell.

Should create the impression your after.

How would like a free injection of some testosterone?

Do you have a band aid? Because I am cut.

Do you have a needle and thread? Because I am ripped

Damn, you took my band-aid and needle and thread ones. The only one I got is, “I can’t wear long sleeves because I don’t have a concealed carry license for these guns.”

Best way to pickup chicks in a commercial gym is to carry chains and bands in with you. Work with those and you’ll draw crowds.


Load the bar with six hundred pounds and drop it on yourself. Unless it’s a particularly rugged gym, screaming will attract attention.


Im not looking to really pick up chicks, I am engaged, and Im a personal trainer in my gym, so thats out of the question :slight_smile: I have never used a cheezy pick up line and never will, I just thought it would be cool to read some new funny lines. I have a new one…though…

Just call me dictionary, because I got DEFINITION!!

I got pulled over my a cop today. Why? For having a six pack.

Asking a chick for help with your iron woody (bands) is bound to get her attention…

Ask if you can use her as bodyweight as manual resistance on the donkey calf raise. Tell her friend can ride too.

Do you like bird watching? Then check out my wing span. (flap lats if you can)

Is that snow on top of that mountain? (as you brush off your flexed bicep)

Going to a sculpture class won’t even get you this chiseled.

The ripped comment works with “Somebody call a tailor…”

The concealed weapon also works with “don’t call the cops/ATF…”

rofl…pretty damn funny. would be damn horrifying if this stuff actually works. nah this stuff is really funny.

You:“You’d better call a plumber”

Response: “Why?”

You (while flexing biceps): “'Cause these pipes are gonna burst”

Does this thong make my ass look fat?

gym lines huh?

“Hey you wanna see what I keep in these colorful-neon parachute pants?”

[quote]Lumpy wrote:
Does this thong make my ass look fat?[/quote]

No, it’s the fat that makes your ass look fat!

I have more MASS than a church on sunday! :slight_smile:

When she’s working legs or on the Stairmaster:

“Heyyyy, nice legs!”

Her: “Oh, thank you.”

“What time they open?”

That kind of line will only get you a slap in the face! :slight_smile: