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Gym Pet Peeves - Vent yours here



Here's mine...

Why do you need to work out with your 25lb dumbells at the benches near all the 80+ dumbells?

Yesterday, two flat benches in the 80-120 db area were bing used by these bitches (a couple of guys) doing DB presses with 40's, and flys with 25's. They're walking their weights from the other end of the rack to do their sets in the heavy area. I had to farmer walk my 100's to the 5-25 area. I wasn't intending to do a calf workout (although I need to).

Why do people do this? Why not just take the closest bench to where the weights are.

It is just a little annoying.

Anyone else want to vent?


I love it when people straddle the flat bench and proceed to curl the bar or put 10 lbs on each side and curl it. In my gym, the bars of set weight are right next to the flat bench. There's a big pyramid that contains 40-110 lbs of straight bars, but yet, this guy proceeds to do it every time. I've also seen a guy take the bar from the incline bench and hold it straight out while doing crunches. I just want to say "hey jackass, go grab a 45 lb weight and put the fucking bar back"

I always shake my head at dumbass people.

Another one was this girl who just got her personal trainer "certification" and she was bragging about it. I watched her put someone through a workout, and I laughed my ass off to her face. She was spotting this guy on bench. She proceeds to hold the bar then entire time. She's wearing a tight tank top and the black "fuck me" pants you see on college campuses. She bends over right in his face the entire time. I wanted to yell at her.

Later, when I was finished, I was just shooting the shit with her. I was telling her how I can't bench or do any overhead presses because of my shoulder. She says "Oh, there are other things you can do for chest". My response "No, there's only presses and flyes". "No, there are other things you can do, but I can't think of them right now." She then gets this blank stare on her face like she's thinking, and then repeats the last sentence. I wanted to say "I've watched you train people. You're a fucking idiot and you shouldn't be a trainer if you didn't know those are the only types of movements you can do for chest". I know dips work chest to a degree, but I can't do those either, and I told her that.

I hate fucking idiot personal trainers and the people that come in and do half reps. I actually showed a guy how to do front squats the other day. He was really receptive and liked learning things. Of course, I had to disspell some commons myths (going below parallel hurts the knees, etc), but he really appreciated it. Kinda made me feel good.


Moved to NYC for a 1 year assignment last month. All the gyms are way to crowded and English in not the most common language spoken in any of them but that's not the peeve.

Last night, leg day, get to the gym and want to squat. A guy is in the rack with a bench set up doing bench presses. With the frickin bar! A grown man benching 45 Ibs. in a smith machine.
My blood is boiling but remain calm. He takes off for a few minutes and I move the bench and throw some plates on to do front squats. He comes back, maybe 5 minutes later, and says excuse me I was using that machine. I tell him nobody was on it but he can work in. He says to me "but I need the bench and that's way too much weight to bench press". At this point I say to him "it's a goddam squat rack pal, there's two bench's open use one of them". He says he is going to "speak to the manager" I told him to do whatever the fuck he wants.

Long story short he must of bitched so long that by the time I was ready to leave niether had returned to the weight area.


here's one that happened to me recently...

I'm learning how to go beyond 90 (ass to grass) in the squat and using some of the techniques in one of the recent TMag articles.

I was midway in my fourth set and I overhear this personal trainer who was standing right behind me...

"he's going too far down...has no idea what he's doing...shouldn't go beyond 90...he needs a personal trainer..."

I look in the mirror and see that the PT is talking to his client and pointing at me.

I don't mind the talking so much. After all, I should of brought my walkman like always. But, was the pointing necessary? Can they not see that I'm standing in front of a mirror?

Talk about a break in concentration.

As I rack the bar after the set, he asks if his client can work in with me. I say sure and they start doing straight bar curls in the rack...

...yes, the preacher bench was empty...

...I just had to leave at that point.


People who start one of these threads every 2 months so we can re-hash what we said in the last one. . . Oh wait, that's not a gym peeve. . .

Here's one, one of my co-workers (I'm a personal trainer) asked me to teach one of her clients to power clean. While I was working out.

So she expects me to teach her client something for free so she can get paid for training them. Bitch.



enderie, that's a perfect time to say, to no one in particular, "I hate it when people talk about me like I'm not there."


Dealing with stupidity:

If you accept the fact that 50% of the population has a below average IQ, suddenly, the world makes sense.


enderje hate to admit but you have crapy trainers in that gym. I would never as a member if I can work in on a machine or equipment that someonelse is using. There is always stuff that you work w/ on you client. You shouldn't have to disturb other members work-out.




Sadly Mike, it seems like 70% of the population has below average IQ.

But I REALLY hate all the weird looks I get when I curl in the squat rack, or standing over a bench.


I hate when I go to the gym and there are people there.


I was doing 225# good mornings a few weeks ago. The most out of shape/worthless "trainer" stopped me in the middle of a set to tell me that I was squatting wrong, and I would hurt myself if I kept squating that way. The guy in the rack next to me immediatly informed him (before I got the chance) that when I was going to do squats that I would let him know, until then let me finish my good mornings (that was kind of funny).


I haven't been lifting as long as most of you guys, but there is this one guy at my gym that does the most peculiar and irritating thing. He does wrist curls in the sqaut rack. I'm just a newbie and even I know better than to do that.


I hate World Health Club.

I signed up for their "Bronze Plus" package which included a personal training session every month for a year at $80.

I took a session, realised that the personal trainers are fucktards and I demanded that they cancel my personal training sessions.

They're like, "I'm sorry. You signed a legally binding contract, blah, blah, blah."

It says in the contract that all I need to do to make changes to my account is inform them of my request at least 15 days before the next accounting period.

Their excuse for not letting me downgrade is that it causes "too much of a problem in the accounting department".

Of course, they'll let me "upgrade" my account to ANY of the more expensive packages, but they won't let a poor university student go down from $80 a month to $40 a month.



Hey Silles? God? Silles? God? Well whatever you go by,
Give your perfection a rest dude.
The typo's and spelling flames have been beaten to death. Or was the issue that fitone didn't use enough science for you?
Besides which, if you go back to the "athletic diet" thread you will see you too have a typo. And again (I know you don't like this statement) if I remember correctly, there is an issue of poor parallelism (I'm not an Enlish major), In case you can't find it, when you are talking about the high school students "they"(plural), then ass becomes plural as well being asses.
You have a lot to offer here, just get off your high horse and quit being so harsh.
"Never rub another man's rubbarb."


I hate it when some prick leaves his shit laying all over. Sorry that's me.


lol thanks T-Ren. For backing me up. I use to the flames by now though. I am still standing while others have fallen;).

In Health,

Silas C.


People who don't smell like a maggots cunt. The other day I was huffing my balls off after doin a wicked set of "ass to the floor" 1 1/4 squats and this guy comes and starts doing donkey calf raises about 3 feet away from me. At first I though he had farted, smelt like rotten white bread shit out a flies ass on a hot summer day...probably. I had to walk away... so as not to flip out.. smelly fuck!


I hate it when I'm running 270 meter and 400 meter sprints and my personal trainer, Sturat, tells everybody

"He lumbered and wheezed his way around the track like an asthmatic camel across an uneven desert"

Or when He makes me work so hard on squats I puke.

On second thoughts scratch that, thats why I keep going back


Woops big mistake their, not that I really know what a maggots vagina actuall smell like, but that's should have been people who Do smell like one.