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Gym Parking Lot Punks


Just got back from the gym where this guy apparently had some beef with me. I was using a bench when all of them were full. I went to get different dumbells and this guy sat on it and I said "I'm still here" and he sloowlly gives up the bench like he's a badass. Basically this was the only confrontation between us but he follows me to my next exercise. I see him behind me looking at me and I say, "You using this one?" He's basically stalking me. When I'm walking out of the gym he follows me out to my car, so I slow down ready to fight then he calls his friend over so I duck back into the gym and get my friend who works there to walk with me back out (yeah I'm a bitch cuz I don't want to fight 2 on 1). The point is, do any of you big guys get this type of shit? b/c I honestly feel like he just wanted to fight me (not 1on1 though obviously) because he's jealous of my size or whatever else.


You should fuck that guy up when you see him alone. By the way, which gym you go to? i live in georgia too,and go to parkview high school.


Can you post a picture of yourself holding a shoe?


The LA fitness where 285 and 29 meet. I graduated parkveiw '03.


Can you?


Its comments like these that makes people think high school kids are punks.

To the OP, dont fight him. If you say you're bigger than him and hes just jealous- you have nothing to prove.


What is the point of this?


Oh yeah I know where that is. How's the gym except for that asshole? I go to bodyplex in dekalb county. That's funny you graduated from parkview, haha i was a freshmen your senior year.


I'm just saying that he should defend himself, stick up for himself. YOu don't have to be a dick.


That's why I always leave my towel,keys,sun glasses..etc on the bench so these assholes will know it's still in use....yet, sometimes that's not even enough.


Of course I don't have anything to prove, thats why he didn't elicit any emotional reaction from me b/c he didn't have any kind of status over me. It's kind of the same thing as if a girl was acting like she's going to fight you. I'm not saying I obviously would destroy him, he may be some MMA champ for all I know, but looking at him bucking up behind the gym employee between us actually was sad (if he actually wanted to fight, he could've came and got me while his friend was restrained). He was obviously very insecure wanting to fight me for what I think is absolutely no reason.


The point is the fucking question that followed "the point is,". It's to discuss this situation and if anybody gets the same thing. If you don't have any answer or something to contribute, then "whats the point" of you asking what the point is? fuck off


yea for sure, the thing is that the bench was right in front of the dumbbell racks and I just stood up to get different dumbells a couple feet away. The guy just slipped in as if to start a confrontation.


Have you seen this guy in the gym before? That seems like a pretty stupid reason for him to fight you. I wouldn't worry too much about it. Maybe he had a bad day and was upset about other stuff.


Shit happens, if you see him again throw a 45 pound plate at him and yell, "I'm the juggernaut bitch!"


I do the same,I'm glad I workout at Gold's Gym,just a bunch of older people from the 30s on up.There's only 10 or so that I just would not want to fuck with,and thats that


LMAO, if you don't get it, it is a reference to perhaps the dumbest picture ever posted on this site and a reference to it this far after the fact is hilarious. I just wish I could remember his name so I could look it up again and laugh again.


It's got a lot of nice and new equipment and all, but I can't stand it, its too crowded full of bitches like that asshole. I can't find a hardcore gym anywhere around here, I might start working out at parkview's clubhouse again for the summer.




You ducked back into the gym. That alone made you a target for further abuse. It may have been the "smartest" decision to avoid any and all conflict at that particular moment, but you are assuming that the situation couldn't have been handled without violence even if they approached you. I haven't had anyone approach me in a way like that since my freshmen year of college...and I weighed about 155lbs.

Maybe it is the way you carry yourself, or perhaps you simply have an enemy for some reason, however, people can smell "fear" and they can tell when you don't have what it takes to back up anything you might say. You have a choice. You can either start giving up the bench press anytime someone sits on it while you are getting a drink of water in order to NEVER have another conflict at all...ever. Or, you can learn to look people in the eye and walk with more confidence. People fuck with you if they think they can win. They don't fuck with you if they think they are going to lose.

Situations where some guy sits on your bench must happen all day everyday. You made one apparent mistake (upon noticing that he was following you). You clearly gave some kind of sign that he was a threat to you. That was why he pushed it further. People are crazy. That's just a fact. Sometimes, you have to be crazier.