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Gym-Pact. Money for Working Out?


I wanted to see what the T-Nation community thought about this. Apparently, this service provides incentive for people to go to gyms by:

1) Charging them money when they miss a day
2) Paying them when they don't miss days

It seems to be run completely through the iphone, and you use their app to check in at gyms. Some of us may be able to make some money?



link here: www.gym-pact.com/whatis


I'm all for it. I'll add my home gym to the database and profit like a boss. It's harder for me to stay out than go lift. From a societal perspective, it's a sad, sad commentary on people that it's come to this.


No mention of how much the rewards are for gym attendance (I'd guess less than a dollar) - probably far less than the penalties for missed sessions. The incentive here comes from loss, not profit.


Interesting concept.

But how much do I get paid???


It doesn't really matter, well at least not for me. I know I make it to the gym at least 5 times per week no matter what, if I make an extra $4 just for checking in on my phone then why not? unfortunately I don't have a shitty I-phone.


Seems to good to be true. $5 a day missed but doesn't list how much you get for going. I think I'm going to try this out.

But what if you have a work split that alternates days on and days off? Like I workout one week Mondays and the next week I alternate and have Monday off. This is a pretty cool program to get people working out.

EDIT: The take the money from people that didn't go and divide it amongst the people that did go. So, I would imagine the money be in various amounts. I'm pretty close to signing up actually lol.


From the site:

"Q: Where do my monetary stakes go?

A: To the GymPacters who made it to the gym! Every week, we will pay out cash rewards to those who met their Pact from the Stakes paid by people who didnâ??t quite make it. Rewards can be cashed out like via Paypal. We think if you put real money on the line, you should get real rewards."

Seems they don't pay out per session: you get a set amount for meeting your target (they don't say whether it's weekly, monthly etc.) . I was being generous when I said less than a dollar- probably more like cents.

They charge a minimum of $5 per missed session, so just forgetting to log in on one day could take all of your rewards away in one go.

Only way to find out is for someone to try it...


Found out users who go are making about 50 cents a day up to $1.50 a week to $6.00 a month. However, I do believe once they get a large poplulation signed up you have a higher chance of getting a large payout. $5 charge certainly outweighs what is to be made daily let alone monthly...


Is this not just like a gym membership? Everyday you do not go is a day you already paid for, so the only way to "make" money is to do two-a-days seven days a week.

And steal toilet paper.


Smarty pants!