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Gym Near Stony Brook, Long Island

ive called so many damn gyms today, and none of them had bumper plates. One small place called STEEL had bumper plates, but its like $20 a session… anyone know of a gym within 25 minutes that has bumper plates and a platform?

I’ve searched before, and it seems like only a few Crossfit gyms have bumpers. Not worth it to me. Have you tried http://powerhousegymofsetauket.com/equipment.htm ?

yes I tried it yesterday, total shit, one squat rack and no bumper plates… the floor under the squat rack was uneven…

crossfit is not worth it for sure… i think im gonna go to STEEL once a week, it will probably run me $60 a month or so since they have buy 3 and get 1 free deal…

other than that gonna go to university gym which is basically a commercial gym, guess I gotta hang up olympic lifting for a bit

Crossfit can be worth it, but you have to contact each gym because they are all different. Some will allow you to pay a lower fee and just come in to lift. I wouldn’t count on their coaching unless they are USAW certified, though.

Don’t know if you’re still looking, but I am a coach at Crossfit Stony Brook. I also completd the USAW level 1 course. We would be more than happy to have you train with us. I have started an Oly class on Saturdays and plan on having more during the week. We have a client who comes in just to work his Oly lifts. We only ask that you give way to the class when you’re there. Check out cfsboly.com or come down and ask for John. We are at 22 Woods Corner Rd in Setauket. Hope to hear from you soon.