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Gym Name - Help Appreciated


Hi, In 2 weeks I will open my own little gym in hamburg germany. its purpose is strength and conditioning training for athletes. it will be a pretty small gym in the beginning with only the most important things.

In my city , I am the first one to open such a gym a la Joe DeFranco, which is dedicated to only help people who are serious about working out.
My problem now is, that I cannot think of a cool and catchy name for this project, this is where you come in. I wanted to ask you about ideas.

I would like something tough, that immediately makes you think of real tough athletes or human beings. whatever.. I think you get the picture.
Thanks for your help


Well, since you are in Hamburg and going to a gym helps people, how about Hamburger Helper?


ahh not really.. i want something tough, where you automatically think of tough SOB´s... who will lift a car and then do a depth jump with it onto a house


I doubt we're going to be able to help you. A lot of our cool and catchy names involve plays on words, and things like that simply don't translate.


i want an english name.
some ideas that i had so far are:

level 5 athletics
higher level athletics
another level athletics
pro sport athletics

i am kinda stuck. so help in that way would really come in handy::slight_smile:


Haha that one had me laughing!


Bull Rocket Gym


how about ......


oh , sorry....that was pretty bad


how you like

pro gym
pro athletics


blitzkrieg athletics


How about German Engineering or German Engineered Athletics?




Hamburg Haus of Iron




"Just Lift Gym"
"Blood Sweat Gym"


Steel Yard

Iron Works

Heavy Metal

If you catered to female lifters - Bar Belles (sorry, my punny mind can't resist...)

Body by Iron (or Iron Body/Bodies, or Sculpted by Steel or Strength by Steel)

Muscle Mayhem

For the above you'd probably need to add something to make it clear it's a gym - such as "Iron Works Bodybuilding" or something that your local clientel would recognize as a bodybuilding/gym establishment.

Apologies to any existing gyms with the suggested names.


Hell's Gym


Nick Danger, I liked your suggestions... will be thinking about it a little more.


Higher Level Athletics

although, isn't track and field referred to as "athletics" outside of the US?


track and field is called "light athletics"
whereas weightlifting is called "heavy athletics"